5 Content Marketing Trends That Can Transform the Healthcare Industry

Over a billion health-related questions pass through Google search engines each day. This doesn’t mean, however, that everyone finds the information they seek or that they even understand it. Health literacy in the United States remains consistently low, and many don’t trust what they read.

Before anything, successful healthcare marketers must establish trust. The following five examples show how several major companies are achieving this.

1.) Relevant COVID Stories

While COVID has dominated most news stories from 2020, conflicting and confusing information has still managed to permeate major information sources, like Facebook. Providing relevant and accurate information – particularly covering new topics or aspects of COVID that are not well understood –is a window of opportunity for marketing in the healthcare industry.

Simple videos or blog posts can serve to clear up misunderstandings and provide easy tips for keeping safe. People fear what they do not understand, so by helping others better understand this novel virus, it makes it that much easier to build trust in other areas of healthcare – not to mention keeping people safe.

2.) Website Content

Major insurance companies have invested incredible time and money into television ads, which are proving less effective than ever. Meanwhile, most have websites with barely any information or content.

Online medical marketing is an important avenue to reachclients, by proving that the company is competent and concerned with clients’ welfare. Blog posts are an excellent way to break down important medical information. When potential clients peruse your website, what will they find? Empty pages or engaging, high-impact stats, and stories?

3.) Visual Content

Healthcare companies often struggle to convey complex medical issues to the general public. Infographs and charts are effective ways of answering basic questions. Short videos are also useful for breaking down the issues – all the while building the trust and respect of your audience.

Visual content is especially powerful as a social media tool, where it is easily accessed and shared. Aim to convey information at a sixth-grade level to ensure the greatest impact.

4.) Highlight Corporate Social Responsibility

According to a 2019 Gallup poll, 70 percent of Americans have a negative view of the healthcare system. Even though healthcare providers are doing crucial work, their good deeds often go unnoticed.

The most successful attempts at rebranding the healthcare industry focus on success stories. What are healthcare companies doing right? Without overt self-promotion, these type of stories are important for changing public perception. Healthcare marketing services should utilize blogs, social media, and visual tools for uplifting storytelling.

5.) Share Reports and Data

Health reports and data are some of the most popular shareable online content. It creates conversation and informs. Likewise, it adds credibility to the industry and promotes health literacy.

Taking complex medical research and breaking it down into a more comprehensible format isn’t as hard as you might think. Consider sharing the latest medical research in a blog post with data expressed through infographs. By breaking down this data, the health industry both disseminates important information and builds public trust.

There are many avenues for improvement of healthcare content marketing. While approaching any of these five areas may seem like a challenge, WriterArmy is the right place to start.

 Our talented team of medical copywriters will work directly with you to create online content that will improve your image and build client trust. Contact us today for a free customized marketing proposal that will put you on a guaranteed trajectory for growth.

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