7 Useful Tips for Plastic Surgery Marketing

By Alexandra Thompson, Operations Manager at WriterArmy

It’s no secret that the plastic surgery marketing is getting more and more competitive every day. One big reason for this competition is the customer’s timetable. Plastic surgery is something that a client might consider for years before committing to the idea, let alone committing to a practice. 

Digital marketing is a huge factor in gaining new clients for your plastic surgery practice, and there are a few key things you can do to boost your presence. These digital marketing tips that we have accumulated from recent research will help you to reach new audiences online, engage with potential clients, and increase the number of clients that jump in. 

1.) Take Advantage of Video

Video is becoming an increasingly popular way to gain an audience’s attention. While long-form blog posts can be good for boosting your SEO, video provides an easier way to keep someone’s attention for a long time, especially when they’re new to the idea of plastic surgery.

Plastic surgery marketing is incredibly visual, and video gives you the perfect opportunity to show potential clients exactly what to expect. Consider filming an introduction video for the front page of your website or to post on social media. You can incorporate information about your procedures and services, testimonials, and the benefits of turning to your practice for plastic surgery.

2.) Use Visuals

While video is a great way to keep audiences’ attention, visuals work well, too. Often, putting a lot of information in a long-winded post can cause a potential client to scroll right past. However, put that same information into an exciting and colorful graphic, and suddenly, you’ve piqued their interest.

Visuals are great avenues for relaying complicated information about procedures and conditions. They can help present the facts in a way that’s interesting and is broken down for the consumer to understand more easily.

3.) Watch Your Reputation

In the plastic surgery world, testimonials are huge. You can talk all day long about how wonderful you think your practice is, but hearing praise from a real client can go a long way for a potential customer who’s on the fence. 

Gather reviews and testimonials wherever you can, including on social media and Google My Business. You might even consider having past customers come in to film a testimonial video. These resources can be invaluable for helping potential clients ease their worries and see the real results you’ve helped to create.

4.) Look Toward Search Engines

Appearing on the first page of Google search results can be invaluable when it comes to attracting local clients. There are a few ways you can go about gaining that coveted top spot. Pay-per-click advertising, or PPC, allows you to bid on auction systems and appear as an ad toward the top of a search result page for a certain keyword. If you have the budget for it, PPC advertising can help you see results more quickly than other methods.

Improving your website’s SEO can be a long task, but it’s more than worth it. Help to boost SEO by optimizing your site for mobile viewing, reviewing and updating old content, and researching industry keywords to make sure you’re using them in your blog posts and across your website. You can use some of these same optimization tricks on your Google My Business account as well.

5.) Utilize Social Media

There’s no secret that social media marketing is a powerful weapon, and Facebook is at the top of the chain. You can appeal to whatever audience you’re looking for, and you’re much more likely to find local audiences than you might be on Twitter or Instagram.

The Facebook algorithm is incredibly effective at helping you appeal to your target audience, and you can even reach out to people who, perhaps, visited your website but didn’t fill out a form for a consultation. You can easily control your audience for each ad and spend exactly how much you want to for advertising. No more, no less.

6.) Retarget

Retargeting is key when it comes to marketing your plastic surgery practice. Many clients search for a long time before committing to a practice, and they may even visit your website a few times and click around before taking any further action. When someone does finally commit to the idea of plastic surgery, they’re likely to select a practice that they’ve already interacted with.

This is where retargeting is so important. If you can continue to keep your practice in the forefront of someone’s mind, you’ll have a better chance of being the ones that a customer turns to for their surgery. Retargeting is a long game, but it’s worth it in the end.

7.) Scrutinize Your Website

All of these tips culminate in getting people to your website. But once they get there, they need to be motivated to schedule that consultation. Focus on building your website from the client’s perspective. It’s not necessarily about how wonderful your practice is, but rather, what you are providing to the client and how they’ll feel after they work with you.

Make sure your website is welcoming to your audience and appeals to their interests, lifestyle, and values. Your website should be mobile-friendly, quick to load, and easy to navigate. If you make it as easy as possible for your audience to click that “schedule a consultation” button, you’ll see results right away.

Plastic surgery marketing for your practice can seem like a daunting task, but WriterArmy is here to help. With our talented team of inbound marketing experts and medical copywriters, we can work with you to tailor your website and social media to perfectly represent your company. Contact us today for a free customized marketing proposal and learn how your clinic can leverage the cutting-edge of content and inbound marketing for growth.

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