How much does ______ content cost?

Contact Us to Get a Free Quote if you are wondering how much your content order will cost. We provide custom quotes for each order simply because no two content orders are ever alike! Our rates are competitive and designed to be scalable for agencies, businesses, and individual entrepreneurs.

What is your self service?

The self service option is designed to get you quick and direct results. You register and order content in our platform, send your specifications with the order form, get a quote, approve it and pay, then receive your content order. Your project will be assigned to an expert writer content project manager who will handle what you need. But keep in mind, our self service option will not provide specifications, keywords, edits, publishing or additional features of our managed services.

What are your managed content services?

With our managed services, we can handle EVERYTHING for your content marketing including your choice of – specs, keyword research, managing writers, editing, creating a publishing calendar AND publishing the content. 

Our managed services are a surcharge in addition to the cost of content; however, discounts are available for large bulk orders.

What are your marketing services?

Along with content creation and marketing, we offer a select range of additional inbound marketing services:

  • Growth Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • SEO
  • Pay Per Click Management

How much does ____ inbound marketing service cost?

All inbound marketing services are reviewed individually, and we are happy to provide a custom quote for your needs. Along with self and managed services for content marketing, we also offer a few additional inbound marketing services as you require them from our experienced marketers.

How and why did WriterArmy start?

WriterArmy was born from a dream many people have: the pursuit of creative freedom. 

WriterArmy founder Sully Chaudhary first became involved in content marketing in 2007 after becoming disillusioned with the corporate ladder. He found his home in the more welcoming and growing world of online work. By 2010, he had transitioned into copywriting and found his passion for the practice and the industry. It didn’t take long for Sully to collaborate on an expansive new project with a prior client on their marketing efforts. The scale of the project gave Sully nuanced experience in virtually every component of digital marketing.

WriterArmy was launched in 2013. Through tireless nights of research and an empathic understanding of small business needs, Sully grew a flexible and dynamic content marketing company. Client relationships were more than just business arrangements, but real partnerships built through understanding, listening, and creating pitch-perfect work.

The company’s main goal is to take time-consuming content marketing tasks away from its clients. Businesses have much more to worry about besides creating copy for their websites and social media pages, but these are still critical aspects of digital marketing. 

Ultimately, we take on the heavy lifting of content creation and inbound marketing so that our clients can focus on what they’re most passionate about.

Can we meet before we order?

Absolutely! We always meet virtually before starting your first order.

Where are your writers from?

Our thoroughly vetted writers are from the US and Canada only.

Where are your marketers from?

Our marketers all hail from the United States.

Does your team have experience?

We have an extraordinarily high standard of quality, vetting and processing through freelancers of all kinds to get the best team. Our staff has decades of combined experience in the content industry and has been involved in digital content marketing in some way, shape, or form since it has existed!

How do I order content?

You have multiple options: self service, email us, or call us. We make it as easy as possible and you can choose YOUR preferred method for ordering.

Do you offer financing or credit?

We offer financing or credit for approved businesses. Contact us to learn more.

Do you offer discounts?

We understand the delicacy of the time we are living in, and we want to support businesses who need extra help. Discounts are available to COVID-19 affected American businesses.

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