21 Email Marketing Tactics to Generate More Leads For Your Business

By Sully Chaudhary, Founder, WriterArmy

Are you considering ramping up your email marketing?

You would be wise to consider doing so. For most industries, email marketing remains a reliable, tried and tested method of engaging and reengaging leads and helping them move across each stage of awareness.

Email marketing can even win head to head versus other popular channels like social media.

And although social media is often integral to your marketing strategy, neglecting email marketing is often a major mistake and can result in substantial lost revenue.

According to an 18-month study by SocialTwist, in which 119 referral campaigns were monitored, email marketing had a significant advantage over Facebook and Twitter when converting new clients.

Out of 300,000 referrals, 50.8% were reached by email, while Twitter and Facebook gained 26.8% and 22% respectively.

This goes to show that hiring an email copywriter for email marketing is still one of the most effective ways to sell.

But to cut through the noise of an average inbox, you need to be compelling, innovative and smart.

Discovering what works and what doesn’t is where it becomes time-consuming, and you don’t want to accidentally form a bad company rep, especially since inboxes can also fall victim to phishing scams and spam.

Instead, take a look below at the 21 tried-and-tested steps you need to take in order to launch a successful email marketing campaign on your own or with the help of a service offering email writing.

1. Content is key

Take a look at your content and ask, is my message relevant, valuable and interesting? If this email landed in my inbox, would I actually open it? Or move it straight to the trash folder? If it raises a shred of dissatisfaction in any way, start over. No client will believe you if you don’t even believe yourself.

2. Personalize emails

Your client’s name is used in greeting, but it’s time to expand on this in a meaningful way. Identify and acknowledge the user’s individuality by utilizing what you already know about them. This could be through purchase, search history or demographic. It shows far greater care and authenticity to personalize specifics over a simple name-drop.

3. Keep it simple

The worst thing you can do to your reader is inundate them with information. We’re all guilty of skim-reading and only absorbing important points before making an active decision. Brevity is the key, as is conviction and a compelling lexicon.

4. Keep subject lines between 10 to 50 characters

The most effective subject lines that test well with open rates are usually on the shorter end of the character scale. In fact, subject lines fewer than 10 characters have an open rate of 58%. They should also be engaging and create a sense of intrigue and urgency. However…

5. Avoid words such as “FREE”, “magic” or “secret”

These types of words are typically associated with spam and tend to put readers off. Unless it’s suitable, steer clear. Especially if you’re looking to build an honest relationship with your leads.

6. Use a fully responsive design

47% of all opened emails occur on a mobile phone, so it’s essential your design is fully responsive in any format. Convert your email to a one-column template, increase font size, consider tappable elements and follow iOS guidelines (44×44 pixels).

7. Don’t exceed more than 3 typefaces

Include any more within your design and you’re at risk of cluttering up an otherwise perfect marketing campaign. A successful conversion rate stems from simplicity, so don’t go overboard.

8. Offer freebies or incentives

Doing so can increase your open rate by as much as 50%. However, value is essential. Your clients are more likely to sign up or purchase premium if they receive rewarding benefits from your free content. If it’s not great, don’t be surprised if it backfires.

9. Use effective call-to-actions

Once you’ve identified the purpose of your campaign, desirable CTA’s are the key to convincing users to take a specific action. This could be through form submission, downloads, webinar registration or sign-ups. By giving clients the chance to consume your content, you’re educating them and stimulating further interest.

10. Send out exclusive content

Similar to a CTA, treat your email list like a private member’s club and send out regular exclusive content. This encourages users to stay subscribed and inspires them to recommend your business to others.

11. Place your logo in the upper left corner

Proven studies show that placing a logo in the top left-hand corner will receive the most visibility. It’s also human instinct to search for branding in this space.

12. Use links and images wisely

Imagery has surpassed written text in this content-consuming culture we live in. Utilize this by including relevant imagery that inspires readers to take note. Don’t overdo it though, as spam filters can be triggered should an excessive number of pictures be used.

13. Peak open rate activity is between 8pm and midnight

These 4 hours in the evening are proven to have a high response rate during the weekday. These hours also contain the lowest email volume percentage, so it could prove beneficial for your company to get in their first!

14. Send emails on weekends

Emails distributed on Saturday and Sunday by your company or an email copywriter have the highest open, unique clicks, transaction rates and revenue. Like evenings, they also maintain a low volume rate, but finding the most advantageous mailing time will depend entirely on your customer’s needs. You’ll have to trial and test.

15. Make your emails sharable

If your content has successfully inspired interest, clients will be more inclined to forward or share with their peers, colleagues or followers. Make social integration easier by embedding sharable buttons and forwarding options into the email. By including a variety of networks, they’ll also be more likely to do so, as each recipient has a favorite handle.

16. Don’t oversell or be afraid to sell

We may enthuse that free content is the secret to building interest, but consistently offering it and never selling anything also has an adverse effect.

Your clients will come to expect free content and will opt out if dollar bills start cropping up.

A professional email copywriter is good at figuring out the right balance between emailing offers and high-quality content.

17. Set up triggered emails

When your client takes action, by either filling out a contact form or placing an order, make sure you have an automated email configured to deliver specific content to them afterwards. This is seen as a follow-up to whatever action was taken, and also means leads are nurtured without you having to remain on standby.

18. Use auto-responders

You’ve gained a fair amount of interest, but now it seems more than half of sign-ups forgot they ever opted in. Set up auto-responders with Mailchimp, Aweber or Infusionsoft and reminders will be sent out for you. We suggest 1 day, 5 days and 10 days after the person registers. If you don’t have one, hire an experienced email writing service to set yours up.

19. Tie emails to your landing page

Everything seen within your email should be echoed on the landing page, from headline, to imagery and copy. This page is entirely devoted to completing the user CTA, so remove all distractions and keep it clear and concise.

20. Utilize your thank you page

Success, you have a new lead! The user has completed a CTA form and now lands on a “Thank You” page. You have the client right where you want them, so don’t ignore how to work this to your advantage. Provide similar offers or related blog posts to encourage them to continue interacting with your site.

21. Analyze your campaign

It’s shocking to find that this step is often missed entirely in the email marketing process. But how else are you able to evaluate performance and further understand your audience if you don’t check back a week or so after the campaign has gone live? This data will only help to grow and excel your marketing capabilities in the future.

If you are currently developing an email marketing campaign for your business, Writer Army is a leading email marketing and email content service specializing in high converting, effective, valuable and interesting email content for your audience.

Call us today at (425)-354-4828 for a free consultation or send an email anytime to admin@writerarmy.com and ask about our email newsletter writing service.

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