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About our Premium Blog Post Service

Premium blog posts are topic oriented blog articles that are intended for publishing on WordPress or any other blogging platform. Premium blog posts are written by our best writers and they are written to be conversational and engaging to readers. They are typically used to promote your business’s brand an establish a consistent readership base on your website, while also helping your website rank for its main keywords.

Great blog content serves your business many ways. If it is a popular post it can be syndicated across dozens or even hundreds of related websites. Blog content regularly ranks highly in Google for relevant search terms, particularly if the blog post partially covers a recent news story in your industry.

The blog writers at Writer Army have written for several different industries and we will assign your blog posts to writers with the most experience in your particular industry. Our Premium blog posts go through several rounds of revisions and editing to ensure that they are as high in quality as possible before they are sent out to you.

On the form above we ask you for as many details as you can provide us regarding your company’s unique brand and identity so that our writers can become acquainted with your unique voice. And we write our blogs to match your company voice and perspective as much as we humanly can.

We also can upload your Premium blog posts to your blog and optimize them using WordPress SEO or any other plugin or tool that you prefer to use for a small additional charge per blog post. Ongoing Premium blog posting and management can also be arranged at a discounted rate.

What’s included in our Premium blog post writing service

Your Premium blog post order comes with the following:

  • Each post is designed to be interesting and engaging to your readers
  • Written to create a readership base for your business
  • 100% original and thoroughly researched
  • Written in your unique company voice
  • Can be search engine optimized by your request
  • Turnaround time of 5-7 business days

How our premium blog post writing service benefits you

There is simply no business that can afford to miss out on the many opportunities to increase their customer base and get brand exposure by blogging. Our blog posts will help establish your business as a leader in its market and each topic will be thoroughly researched and written from an educated perspective by our most talented and experienced American blog writers.

We have several years of experience in creating high quality and compelling blogging campaigns for our clients that have helped build their brand and have generated more traffic leads and ultimately sales to their websites.

The more that you utilize your business’s blog, the more that you will increase your readership base, the higher rankings that you will get on the search engines, and the greater the chance that one of your blog posts will be syndicated across multiple websites, creating valuable backlinks to your website and exposure to your brand.

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