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You may be aware of the many benefits of using press releases to generate exposure to your business’s brand as well as more traffic to your website. Syndicated press releases can result in a short burst of traffic to your website and can also help to improve your SEO rankings for your business’s primary keywords. Press releases need to be written in a particular format in order to be syndicated on the widest possible number of websites. Mediocre press releases are not likely to be republished, and if they are very poorly written they can even hurt your business’s image.

At Writer Army we have experienced press release copywriters who can produce high quality press releases on a regular basis for your business. Our press releases are formatted for publishing on the best press release syndication services. We work on several revisions of your release to ensure that it is free of grammatical mistakes, and we hire our best copywriters to create your press release. We will spend the time needed to get acquainted with your particular business.

We will summarize your company’s news in a concise and compelling format that will guarantee the highest chance of republishing. Best of all we only charge you a fraction of what an advertising agency would cost to develop a quality press release for you. We will format your release for distribution on any platform that you may wish to use and it will include the standard press release format with a headline, summary and boilerplate.

What’s included in our press release service

We include the following with each press release order:

  • Written by our top US press release copywriters
  • Formatted for distribution on the widest range of services
  • Fast turnaround time of 3-5 business days (rush delivery available)
  • Can include multiple SEO keywords at a density of 1-3% as needed
  • Multiple revisions available if needed
  • Copywriters will research your business extensively
  • 100% money back guarantee with your release

How our press release writing service benefits you

There are many benefits for hiring Writer Army to create a compelling and high quality press release for you. Most agencies that specialize in advertising or press release will charge hundreds of dollars or more to create a unique release. We will save you money will providing you with a professionally written release that you can publish on some of the best distribution services. Your website will gain the search engine optimization benefit of a properly optimized press release, and the high level of quality that we produce for the release will ensure that it is published on as many websites as possible.

A high quality press release can get you traffic and brand exposure for many months and years, and it can help your website rank for several targeted keywords. Our affordable cost allows you to make regular press releases a core part of your SEO strategy. If you have exciting business news, a new product or service, or an upcoming event, or anything else that you want the world to know about, a professionally written press release is one of the best ways to get attention to it.

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