Twitter Posting Service


With our Twitter posting and marketing service you can get regular tweets delivered to you and posted to your account for a small extra cost per tweet. When you maintain your Twitter account you will drive more interest to your website and blog while attracting more customers.

Twitter marketing end up being time consuming and taking away from the other aspects of running your business. We started our Twitter tweet service to help our customers maintain their Twitter accounts and capitalize on this important marketing avenue.

You get the following when you purchase our Twitter posting service:

  • Customized tweets tailored to your specific business
  • Fast turnaround of 3-5 business days
  • All tweets written by writers with social media experience
  • Discounts for bulk tweet orders

Tweets customized for your business

We research your business, look at any past tweets that you have done if you have any, and ensure that any tweets that we write for you are customized for your specific business. Your readers will be engaged and interested in your tweets, and you will get more followers by regularly posting to your account.

With our Twitter service you will save the time of having to update your account regularly and be able to focus on your business. We can update your account multiple times per day and ensure that your followers have regular content and updates to look forward to.

Engaging and entertaining tweets

The tweets that we produce for you will engaging and entertaining, and we can customize them based on how you naturally interact with your customers. We will adjust the tone and the style of writing to match your business as close as possible. We can work with both individuals and companies with our Twitter tweet service and our writers will do the research necessary to learn about your business.

We customize our service for you

We always tailor our service for your specific business and won’t write a bunch of generic tweets that won’t do anything for your business. We spend the time needed to learn how you interact with your customers. Any instructions that you have regarding how you want your tweets to be written will be carefully followed. Your tweets will also be delivered in the time that you need them, and we can handle posting if needed.

Twitter posting available

If you need us to handle posting Tweets to your account, Contact Us and get a quote. We can add this service on for a small extra charge per tweet, and this can save you the time of having to post the content to your account. We can also come up with a bulk package that includes writing the tweets and posting them, and we can manage your accounts on a monthly basis. Our Twitter tweet service will save you time and help you maximize the huge sales potential that Twitter has to offer for virtually every business with a web presence.

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