Video Scripts


Video is engaging and helps viewers retain 95% of content compared to just 10% for text. Our video script writing experts can help you: boost conversions, increase retention and promote your products through highly optimized copywriting for video.


And 81% of businesses utilize video as a marketing tool. If you also want to utilize video or expand your video content strategy, our video script writers can help.


WriterArmy can help your business create copywriting for video or video sales letters (VSLs) that tells your brand’s story, explains how your product or service solves the viewer’s problem and sums up your core message succinctly.


Increase Conversions With Our Video Script Writing


Your video is only as strong as its message.


If your video’s message doesn’t hit on your viewers’ emotions or pain points, it will not increase sales.


Our team can assist you whether you’re launching your first video, or you’re in the process of expanding your current video marketing strategy.


Agencies that produce videos for their clients or business owners that produce their own videos can work with our experienced team of writers to convey a conversion-driven message.


Consumers love a good story.


Our team will make sure that each video is engaging, with hyper-focused narration and dialogue. Each script is written to tell a story that resonates with your target audience while also incorporating a call-to-action that leads the viewer to take action.


You can use our video script writers for:


  • Product/service demos
  • Company overviews
  • Case studies
  • Promotion
  • Video interviews
  • Tips
  • Educational purposes
  • Television
  • Radio


How to Get Started with Our Video Script Writing Service


WriterArmy handpicks a video copywriter from our team who will learn your brand’s message, extensively research your target audience, and fill each video with hooks to maintain viewer attention.


Our commercial copywriting experts will utilize VSL copywriting best practices to increase sales and drive organic traffic to your site.


We offer Managed Service which can save you time and provides a range of perks if you have high volume content needs.


Self-service allows you to order on your own, send us your specs and manage your video script project through our platform.


Register and order your video scripts now through our Self-Service platform, or call us today at 425-354-4828 to get started.


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