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WriterArmy provides you with  an authoritative white paper writing service that educates customers, generates leads and builds credibility.


Studies show that 71% of B2B buyers have used white papers in the last 12 months to research their buying decisions. Why? Because white papers cover important industry topics and highlight what value you’re adding in the for these issues. Establishing you as an authority in your field.


Hence, our writers create industry-specific white papers that:

  • Generate targeted leads
  • Serve as a source for organic traffic
  • Establish your brand as a thought leader
  • Serve as evergreen content for your brand


We have professional white paper writers for hire at reasonable costs, with a quick turnaround time, and your satisfaction guaranteed.



Hire Professional White Paper Writers



Establish your expertise and drive business with white papers that encourage visitors to buy from you.


Our white paper copywriters have a wide breadth of knowledge and expertise in most online industries. 


In addition, we create white papers that are:

  • Succinct
  • Well-researched
  • Engaging
  • Written for your target audience


We research your business and your target market to deliver the most relevant, valuable and engaging content. 


To this end, we’ve created white papers for numerous industry leaders. We know what it takes to create white papers that become marketing assets. Assets which can be used for many years to come.



Get Started With Our White Paper Writing Service



At WriterArmy, you’ll find white paper writers for hire at reasonable prices.

Join our growing list of satisfied clients who are still using their white papers to assert authority, generate leads and build brand awareness.


We offer two service options: Managed and Self-Service. For high-volume brands, our managed service saves you valuable time. For low-volume brands, our self-service option saves you money while ensuring your content needs are met.


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