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Pros and Cons of Jasper AI for Content Writing

If you’re reading this, chances are that you’ve recently heard about the world of AI content generation. Jasper AI is one of a series of tools that can assist with content writing. 

With Jasper, it’s possible to create large amounts of content with a few prompts. Nonetheless, doing so is rarely in your best interest, if you’re trying to satisfy both humans and search engines. That’s because Jasper and other similar tools don’t have the sensitivity, context awareness, and customization that’s required to perform well in terms of SEO and engagement.

Instead, experts suggest a mixed approach to these technologies. That is, using AI as an assistive tool, with humans closely overseeing most of the work, to ensure the best of both worlds. WriterArmy’s AI content generation with human editing service is a good example of this method. 

With that said, there are a number of aspects to consider if you’re trying to determine how your business should best respond to the AI content trend. In this article, we’ll go through the pros and cons of using Jasper AI for content writing. 

Advantages of Jasper AI

There are a number of reasons why Jasper AI is well-known. Some of these relate to the ease of use, others to the multiplicity of formats it provides. It’s also a trendy topic that generates curiosity among people who are trying to save time or money. 

Ease of use

Jasper AI is easy to use because the program features a clean user interface with plenty of options. Really, it looks a lot like your typical business program, where you use a lot of menus. You can click on icons and different sections to find the type of document or composition mode that you need. 


With Jasper AI, it’s possible to get reasonably readable content. One reason for this is that the program remembers what it just said and tries to avoid some of the telltale signs of AI content generation, such as repetitive phrases and stilted vocabulary. 

Multiple Formats

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One of the advantages of Jasper AI is that you can use it to write almost anything. For instance, many competitors can’t handle long-form content. In addition, other AI programs can struggle with marketing copy that has calls to action and other specifications. However, Jasper AI tends to handle these better.

Disadvantages of Jasper AI

Like other AI writing tools, Jasper AI has significant disadvantages. From mistakes to robotic and irrelevant content, you’ll want to consider these challenges before deciding what’s the best way to go for your business or enterprise.

You still need a lot of human input

We’re nowhere near the “rise of the machines,” where AI is capable of independent, contextual thought and initiative. Therefore, you’ll often need to provide very specific instructions and do a lot of work on any content it provides in order to reach certain quality standards. And if you give it the wrong (or incomplete) instructions, you won’t even get any reasonable results.

It can be wrong or inaccurate

As with other AI content generation tools, Jasper AI documents need to be fact-checked and edited. That’s because, although Jasper looks for facts over the internet before writing, it doesn’t have critical thinking skills. For this reason, misinformation and incorrect data can easily creep into your final copy.

Likewise, you’ll need to edit the copy to make sure it’s error-free. Even AI makes spelling and grammar mistakes or writes awkward sentences. 

Not all topics are appropriate

One of the most notable disadvantages of Jasper AI is that it doesn’t perform well on technical topics. For instance, it can’t talk about technical specifications very easily. This and other topics require more subtle reasoning than Jasper can perform. Similarly, if you’re writing about something where there’s little or no information on the internet yet, Jasper will likely struggle because it can’t find much to say.

You’ll pay for junk content

Jasper users pay by the word, regardless of quality. This isn’t great if you don’t know what you’re doing or don’t know exactly what you need. And if the quality is bad, you still have to pay. This can add up quickly, and be especially troublesome for a business on a budget. 

There’s a better way

WriterArmy’s AI content generation with human editing service is a much better option than using Jasper AI. That’s because our service combines the best of both worlds to provide the best copy at an affordable price.

Here’s what our service has to offer.

Completely done-for-you content

If you use Jasper AI in-house, you’ll do everything yourself. However, with WriterArmy’s service, everything is done for you. We’ll deliver ready-to-publish SEO content. This will include your keywords, brand voice, headings, images, links, meta description, and everything you need for success. You won’t have to do anything.

The best algorithms

To achieve good AI content generation results, you need good algorithms. Our premium tools use natural language processing (NLP) at level 4. This is the latest technology and lets us be specific about how we want the content written.

Expert writers 

We’re an award-winning SEO content company with a decade of experience in the industry. Our team is composed of American and Canadian professional writers ready to ensure every piece of content is high-quality and optimized.

Competitive pricing

Jasper AI is relatively expensive compared to simpler AI content generation tools, and you still need to do a lot of work. However, for slightly more per article than a Jasper rough draft, we can create your ideal content. This results in overall savings because you won’t need to invest staff time editing and improving the rough content.

Content posting 

For a small upcharge, we’ll post the finished products on your website. This lets you save even more time and hassle. A great extra for busy teams and business owners.

With our hybrid service, you can get great content at a great price. Best of all, our clients get personalized service from an expert team. Contact us today for more information.

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