Save Time and Engage Your Audience With Our Facebook Posting Service

With Facebook arguably being the most important social media website for businesses, it is crucial for you to post regularly on your Facebook business page to ensure that you keep current customers interested and attract new ones through the website.

We can help you build your business with targeted, well-research and customized Facebook posts that will get your business page more likes, help drive more traffic to your website, and ultimately send more leads and business your way. Our Facebook posts are carefully researched based on your unique business, and we design them to be interesting to your readers.

Facebook posting services

Why Choose Us?

Save time and capitalize on Facebook

With our Facebook posting service, you can save precious time and maintain your Facebook account by always having a steady supply of interesting and engaging content. It can take several hours out of your week just to maintain your Facebook and social media accounts, but we take this responsibility off your hands and ensure that you have the time to manage the other aspects of your business.

We highlight your business

We can highlight your business and give your company a human face with our Facebook posting service. This can include updates regarding news and events related to your business. Letting your customers take a look inside the operation of your company and being transparent on Facebook can help you build substantial trust with your clients and strengthen your relationships. This can be accomplished by sharing pictures and video of your company events and culture.

We research your company

You need your Facebook posts to be created in your own voice to keep your customers interested and so that your marketing efforts look organic and completely authentic. That’s why we spend the time to research your company and find out what matters to your customers. We can give you ideas on the types of posts that would work well for your business if you haven’t done social media marketing before.

Experienced Facebook post writers

Our experienced social media writers will do an excellent job at creating customized Facebook posts that are branded and exciting for your customers to read. We will help build your social media presence up so that it becomes another valuable marketing avenue for your company. Our experienced writers can both write your content and also post to your account. We employ several strategies including humor, videos, images, news, current events, question asking, and other forms of interaction and engagement that will get your visitors to interact with your company. We help you build trust and establish relationships with your current and future customers, which can motivate them to do business with you and help former customers remember you so that they keep coming back. 

FAQs about our Facebook Posting Service

We are able to handle both Facebook posting as well as writing if you require both, or just writing the posts if preferred.

We are able to come up with topics for an extra cost, if you don’t have topics, or we can create topics as a part of a full content calendar.

Absolutely! After 1-2 revisions, all of our services come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.