Three Impactful Marketing Trends Post COVID-19

By Sully Chaudhary, Founder

It’s clear by now that COVID-19 has made a dramatic and permanent impact on businesses in nearly every vertical.

How do you pivot your business to react to the dynamic shifts in consumer consciousness and priorities which have occurred in such a short period of time?

We have seen some of our clients respond in a proactive way and grow their business by innovating and tailoring their marketing and operations to new needs.

One of our clients even had their best month ever this summer by providing a timely in-demand offer, with the right messaging and email funnel, and scaling their social media advertising.

Other clients in heavily affected industries like travel have been able to weather the storm partially by providing their customers with an incredible experience and additional support.

Below are a few immediately impactful suggestions which can be applied to a vast range of businesses:

1.) Provide an outstanding customer experience

So many businesses neglect the impact of their customer experience on their brand and marketing. The two are integrally tied together.

Prioritizing your customer experience is more important now than ever. With so many people and businesses hurting, the last thing you want to do is piss off any segment of your customer base.

Go the extra mile to make your customers happy and your business unquestionably will stand out right now.

In some cases, yes that means doing things like providing discounts to the customers who are most affected by COVID-19 (which we are doing) but it also extends to things like being more responsive with your support or providing new products and services tailored to the new needs of your market.

2.) Expand your email marketing

Email marketing isn’t going anywhere, and your market is likely spending more time than ever with their emails in this new era. If your email marketing strategy isn’t active yet, now is the right time to get it rolling.

Create a lead magnet or offer for a segment of your market and start promoting it organically or with paid advertisements to build a list.

This may seem basic, but also make sure your website has Google Analytics properly installed along with an opt-in form or popup on the relevant pages with your lead magnet/offer.

Once you’ve delivered your lead magnet or discount offer, it’s time to deliver value. Don’t promote a thing until you have provided your market with some authentic value in the form of education, news, videos, etc.

Build a real relationship with your list. Be hands on and accessible, doing things like answering questions directly and creating content centered around questions from your market has proven to be incredibly valuable for many of our clients.

3.) Build a content strategy and execute consistently

Last but not least – your content marketing strategy may need its first launch or a revamp. That means defining or redefining the “why” behind your business, telling more stories about your company’s origin, struggles, victories, etc. and posting content consistently on more channels.

That also means building out your keyword lists, creating a content calendar, and maybe even getting the help of a content marketing firm like WriterArmy to speed things up and take care of this often time-consuming and challenging task.

Want more ideas for your business?

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