Build Your Brand and Grow Through Cold Email Marketing

Use email marketing as a multi-purpose tool to build connections, boost brand awareness, promote your content, generate leads, and much more.

Writer Army is an email marketing agency that understands the protocols and steps required for a successful cold email marketing campaign. We take the time to learn your market, find good data sources, warm up your inboxes, and do everything possible to ensure the campaign is a success.

We work with a range of CRMs and set your campaign up to automatically import any warm leads into them. From cold to warm emailing, we can assist with a wide range of different needs. All of our services can be tailored to your company’s needs, making us one of the best email marketing agencies in the market. 

Cold Email Marketing Starting at $849/Month

Grow Faster with Cold Email Marketing

Outbound cold email marketing remains a powerful and underutilized tool. It is challenging to properly launch and organize cold email marketing, however, the team at WriterArmy has expertise in working with the latest tools to ensure that your campaign has the highest chance of success.

On a new cold email marketing campaign, we perform extensive research on your target market and take a deep dive to ensure that we are targeting the right person, at the right time, with the right messaging. By working with WriterArmy for cold email marketing, you have the advantage of working with a highly experienced team of copywriters who will structure your sequence to be effective and convert cold leads into warm prospects.

Using cutting-edge tools, and with unrivaled email copywriting expertise, WriterArmy is your top choice for cold email marketing. Whether you want us to handle the entire campaign or simply write out your sequences, we’re here to help. Get started with your first cold email marketing campaign today and start growing!

Generates a Significant Return

Investing in email marketing nearly guarantees a significant return. On average, marketers receive $38 for every dollar spent!

More Effective than Social Media

Not only is email more common than social media, it is proven to be more effective – statistics show up to 40 times more!


There are 3.8 billion email users worldwide. You can almost guarantee your audience – no matter the age range – has an email account.

You Own the

With email, unlike social media, you own the channel. Simply send your email when you want, and potential clients receive the message in their inbox!

Cold Email Marketing Starting at $849/Month


Commonly Asked Questions

All our content service providers are based in the USA or Canada.

We offer content packages, import that content into your preferred CRM or HubSpot, and optimize your targeting. Our services are straightforward and provide Google examples as needed.

Yes! WriterArmy offers a full range of content writing and inbound marketing services, including email, sales letters, white-paper writing and more.

Email marketing has a particularly high return on investment. We’ll help you engage with your clients, build brand awareness, and ultimately generate more traffic and sales.

Yes, it’s a great option for many B2B businesses and remains very powerful to date. Other marketing methods can get lost among the noise while a well written email can really stand out. We understand email marketing on a high level and do everything possible to ensure success.

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