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Why Use Our
Sales Copywriting Service?

The sales copywriters at WriterArmy have years of industry experience, guaranteeing that you get a high-quality product every time (without breaking the bank). We create content that is compelling and engaging, leading to greater interest in your business and to an increase in your conversions.

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WriterArmy’s Sales Letter Writers Offer:

  • Over a decade of sales letter writing experience
  • Expertise in the most popular online industries
  • Sales experience that results in increased engagement and conversions
  • A wide range of sales copywriting services, from sales pitches to cover letters and everything in between
  • Extensive research on your target audience and their pain points
  • A speedy turnaround time of 3-5 business days (and often less!)
  • Affordable content that’s on par with the most expensive agencies

Submission Guidelines for your Guest Post

Every copywriting project is significantly different – so we provide custom quotes for copywriting when you need it.

With this managed service, we will choose an appropriate copywriting with experience in your vertical or in the type of copywriting that you need.

Industries of expertise for our copywriters include:

Nutrition, travel, B2B, healthcare, SaaS, finance/fintech, cryptocurrency, e-commerce, technology products, and many other industries.

Please feel free to request copywriting examples or a custom short sample after we get in touch with you.

Satisfaction is guaranteed and we’ve worked in many different verticals over the years.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Sales Copywriting

All of our sales copywriters are based in either the United States or Canada.

Yes! WriterArmy offers a full catalog of top-quality content services including social media writing, white paper writing, email writing, blog writing, copywriting, and more.

A sales letter allows your business both to reach new customers and let your new and existing audience know about all the great stuff your business is doing. As part of your overall marketing strategy, a sales letter can inform audiences about new products or promotions, introduce newcomers to your business, or simply engage with customers to keep their attention focused on your business.

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