How To Submit A Guest Post To The WriterArmy Blog?

If you want to write for us, you’ve come to the right place! Here, you’ll find everything you need to know about our topic requirements, submission guidelines, and what happens after your guest post is accepted for publication.

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Topic Requirements

At WriterArmy, we focus on publishing high-quality content that explains the intricacies and actionable best practices for a number of content marketing avenues. These include:

  • SEO content and trends
  • Algorithmic updates
  • Blogging
  • Copywriting and grammar
  • Content marketing statistics
  • White label content
  • Content marketing for agencies
  • B2B content strategies

If you wish to submit content that falls into any of these categories, please reach out to to pitch your ideas, using “Guest Post Pitch” as your email subject line. Once any of your ideas is approved, you may start working on your article, following the submission guidelines below.

Submission Guidelines for Your Guest Post

We have a number of specific guidelines that all writers must follow if they want to publish their content on our site. By adhering to these standards, you give your guest post its best chance at publication.

Include Charts and Infographics

Relevant images, such as charts, graphs, and infographics are a must in your guest post. They help break up content for our readers and can clarify points in an interesting way. Additionally, graphs and charts can help illustrate statics, percentages, and other values in a more digestible way. Make sure to include at least two relevant images in your draft.

Use a Fresh Voice

People enjoy consuming content that is created by other humans rather than AI (artificial intelligence), so make sure that you draft content that doesn’t sound mechanical or stuffy. We want to promote a fresh, approachable tone in our content, so make sure that your piece delivers the right tone.

Always Submit Original Work

We do not accept content that has been previously published elsewhere, nor do we accept content that is not your original work. Make sure that you avoid plagiarism in any form and only submit your own content. 

Note that images you use may appear elsewhere online, but you must clearly link their source in the image captions.

Write Objectively

You must write your article from an objective point of view. This helps to convey the most valuable, practical, and actionable content to our readers so that they can reap the most benefit. Articles that are more subjective can come across as pushy and less trustworthy which hurts our company’s authority online.

Submission Format

When you submit an article, make sure that you send it as a Google Doc link with editing access. Do not send it as a PDF or within the body of an email.

Stick to the Word Count

Guest posts submitted to WriterArmy should always be between 800 and 1000 words. If you need a higher word count to fully articulate your point, you may submit longer pieces, but note that they may be disregarded.

Always Include Takeaways

At the end of each article you submit, make sure to include a conclusion section that provides the audience with clear takeaways. This helps to clarify any points that you’ve already made in the article and reiterate them.


You can include up to three links within your guest post. Make sure to avoid salesy and promotional landing pages. Instead, link to authoritative and actionable content that expands on the topic at hand.

After Your Guest Post is Submitted

Once your article is submitted, it will be reviewed by our editing team. Please note that If you fail to adhere to any of our guidelines, you will likely not hear back from us.

Approved articles may be edited for clarity, correctness, and brevity so that they fit within the WriterArmy standards. Additionally, we will likely change your headline, so you may want to include a few alternative options if you have a specific vision for the piece.

Concerning copyright, WriterArmy will retain the copyright for any guest post you submit. This means that you can’t republish any article you submit to us on any other site after it’s submitted.

Finally, note that we do not offer compensation of any kind to guest contributors for any material you publish on our site.

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