11 Reasons Why Hiring Website Copywriters is Good for Business

By Alexandra Thompson, Operations Manager of WriterArmy.com

If there’s one aspect of your business that will show off your brand style better than anything else, it’s copywriting. Copywriting is effectively the window into your brand’s soul. The way in which a company showcases itself through their online presence can either make or break a business.

It’s where you set yourself apart from your competition, convince prospects that you can provide the solution they need, attract the audience that you’re marketing toward, and solidify the idea that your product is worth investing in.

With this much at stake, it’s never been more important to craft a stellar tone of voice. That’s where our website copywriters come in!

Through quality, expertise, and strategic vision, copywriters can successfully establish a business. By investing wisely, you’ll gain a wider audience, further engagement, and generate new leads to propel your brand towards its goals.

You may have all the logistics in place for a highly marketable product, but without strategic copy to start a conversation, engage your reader, and connect business values to client needs, all of your efforts could prove worthless.

More buzz equals more business. And it all starts with highly effective content. If you’re still unsure as to whether a copywriter is a good investment, the benefits below could very well change your mind.

  1. Your brand authority increases

Copywriters will avoid hard-selling tactics or ramming a message down a reader’s throat, as this tends to have a low success rate and puts people off. Audiences can see right through you.

Those options shouldn’t even be on your radar if you’re doing it right. A good copywriter will harness their verbal power to mix value and authority in order to build a strong name for your company.

Doing so will also create a dynamic internet presence and encourage clients to pay attention.

These are all vital attributes to have in place before you even attempt to market your product or trade.

  1. Further traffic is driven to your site

Fun design? Interactive features? Your site may look cool, but it could prove redundant if that’s all you have to offer. Copywriters understand the basic logistics and know how to market your site correctly.

This means you’re more likely to get discovered on the web and therefore build an audience.

  1. An honest consumer connection is established

If you don’t send out a good first impression, your business will suffer. Copywriters ensure your online copy is kept succinct and professional at all times.

This means no waffle, no endless babble, and certainly no information overload.

It’s the age-old motto of quality over quantity, which quickly establishes a brand as an efficient, skilled, and seasoned industry player.

  1. Your engagement increases

Defining a brand voice will appeal to your audience. By analyzing which demographic your business aims to target, copywriters are able to tailor content to that particular age group.

You won’t have to worry if your copy is sounding too millennial for a baby boomer market, as the experts will clarify all of that for you.

This will in turn drive further engagement, as your target readers are drawn to content in which they can understand and relate to.

  1. New business leads are found

So, you’ve acquired new page hits, but how do you persuade those visitors to stay? They came to your site for a reason, so if there’s no form of contact, they could end up taking their business elsewhere.

What’s more, they could end up on your competitor’s site. That’s the last thing you want! Professional website copywriters utilize proven techniques in order to build a database of leads through newsletter sign-ups or inquiries. Which leads nicely onto…

  1. Website copywriters help convert visitors to paying customers

This is where you stop pitching and start selling. A copywriter understands the client’s needs and builds an emotional connection around that.

By crafting engaging copy that aims to leave a lasting impression, innocent visits are transformed into lucrative leads.

  1. Your site ranks well through Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Copywriters are expert in crafting title tags and meta descriptions that meet Google’s guidelines.

This doesn’t just include your homepage, but every single page your site may have.

If this is done correctly, your business will gain a prominent position on search engine results.

It’s a guaranteed way to promote growth, regardless of whether your business is in its startup phase or already established.

  1. Copy is composed that search engines love

As much as meta-tags and strategic keyword placement are essential methods for SEO success, keyword-stuffing in order to rank higher will only penalize your site.

It will also make your brand sound very unprofessional.

A good copywriter will ensure your site reads smoothly, is optimized to the right degree, and reflects your brand identity. SEO done right is not just a luxury anymore; it’s a necessity to maximize your online success.

  1. Your site will act as your salesperson all day, every day

A well-written website will ensure your business performs even when you’re unable to.

How to Create a Website that Sells from HubSpot

If you’ve invested in top quality written content, you won’t need to be on standby if ever a potential client shows interest in your trade. Your website will do the selling for you!

  1. Your brand voice develops

Great copywriting is powerful in many ways, but it’s especially helpful for brands who may need a little help in developing their voice.

Consistency across all on-site and social content is just as important, as this means familiar touch points are created for the consumer to tap into across a variety of different platforms.

Skilled copywriting is your gateway to brand recognition, loyal custom and a digital impact. This will put you miles ahead of your competition.

  1. Your brand credibility grows and a trusting relationship is built

Lastly, if informative and engaging copy is consistently released, your company will inspire confidence in your consumer to return.

If a brand lacks great copywriting ability, you can pretty much guarantee its revenue will follow suit. Unfortunately, this is more common than you’d think.

By utilizing the skills of professionals or shaping their own proficiency, companies are able to demonstrate expertise, features and a helpful solution.

This ensures their online presence is a viable and compelling hub to continue checking into.

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