Real Estate has Changed Over the Last Decades.

Your clients are now spending more time on mobile and desktop devices than ever before, scrolling through content, looking for answers and solutions. This is where we come in, connecting Realtors with Real Estate Buyers in a seamless, high converting fashion.

Powerful, Proven, and Cost Effective Real Estate Marketing.

We provide lead generation services that are as simple as buying one product from Amazon !
All specialized-level copywriting services, web design & development services and digital marketing services at one global army.

Your plan can pay for itself with a single sale :

Basic Plan

$750 / month(Does Not Include Setup Costs)

  • Monthly SEO Keyword Research Research
  • 2 Short or 1 Long SEO Blog
  • 8 Social Media Posts Per Month (for all platforms)
  • 2 Monthly Emails (Updates, Social Post Notifications, Engagement, Market News)

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Professional Plan

$1250 / month(Does Not Include Setup Costs)

  • Monthly Content Topics/Calendar/Social Media Strategy
  • Montly Advanced SEO Keyword Research
  • 4 Short or 2 Long SEO Blogs
  • 1 Video Podcasts Per Month (15-30 minutes)
  • Editing, Uploading and YouTube SEO
  • 12 Social Media Posts Per Month (for all platforms)
  • 4 Monthly Emails (Updates, Social Post Notifications, Engagement, Market News)

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Premium Plan

$1650 / month(Does Not Include Setup Costs)

  • Monthly Content Topics/Calendar/Social Media Strategy
  • Montly Advanced SEO Keyword Research
  • 8 Short or 4 Long SEO Blogs
  • 2 Video Podcasts Per Month (15-30 minutes)
  • Editing, Uploading and YouTube SEO
  • 24 Social Media Posts Per Month (for all platforms)
  • 8 Monthly Emails (Updates, Social Post Notifications, Engagement, Market News)

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We have expert writers in every region of the U.S.

If we don’t have an experienced real estate writer in your city, we get you one in the quickest time frame.

Getting you far, far ahead of the competition

Deep and informative content leads in warm web visitors and attracts them right to your real estate office. Rich and relevant content has proven countless times to be the finest way to flourish in the world of real estate.
We work with a variety of real estate professionals, both small real estate agents and property managers, as well as massive corporate companies in both residential and commercial spaces.

With all our clients, we have crafted compelling, pointed, and consistent content.

We help clients like you identify and appeal to your target audience, encouraging greater conversions and increased traffic, putting eyes and minds where you want them.

All this to provide you with a high quality, industry specific solution that gets you those commissions rolling in.

Understanding that real estate, for many, is incredibly emotional.

Whether it’s for a newly married couple, new students, family of 4, or even senior citizens.

We tug on prospects’ strings without losing sight of the need for authentic and thorough content.

Moreover, Writer Army understands the complexities of your industry and how to best convey these nuances to each of your segments.

Your information will be deeper, richer, and more impactful than any competitor.
We know this because we research what your competitors are doing, then what your clients want, and offer it to them in an even better approach.

Our blogs, email funnels, press releases, social media marketing, and more course through our clients’ digital landscape.

The content is written by vetted and proven real estate content writers.
And we don’t just throw a variety of content out there without conscious thought.

As a conscientious and intentional real estate marketing company, we create a detailed strategy based on your brand’s voice and values.
Every piece of marketing is voiced by you, uniquely crafted to capture what makes your company special.

This is to provide you with an exponential, solid growth in both long and short term.

Not sure where to start?

You can always request an assessment of your digital presence for free, to see how we can help you today.

Is your content location specific?

We have writers all throughout the United States and we will either have a writer in your city/metro area or have a writer who has lived there. Thus, you will be getting highly specific content about real estate topics, attractions, and whatever other topics you would like to cover — as if it was written by a local. As a side note, we also recommend shooting on-location videos to help build your brand and can assist with editing your videos and repurposing them into new content to build your SEO.

Can I customize my order ?

Of course. We have designed these packages as convenient starter marketing packages that many agents can benefit from. We offer a full range of real estate marketing services. Therefore, you always have the option to request a customized monthly marketing package. Our rates are competitive and designed to be scalable for agents and brokers. You can contact us with a list of what you’d like so we can send you an accurate quote for free.

What’s the difference between basic and advanced SEO keyword research ?

Basic keyword research refers to the method of identifying the most important keywords in your industry to focus on for your blogs. While advanced keyword research refers to digging in deeper, identifying new keywords and subjects will help you rank locally, as well as longer-tail keywords & voice search optimization.

Why the video interviews ?

Videos help you establish authority and create a more personal feeling to your message. We prepare for the monthly interviews by researching your audience, market trends, your area, and adding your input. We can incorporate storytelling strategies and provide helpful local information, so you can connect with your audience on an emotional level, all while building more credibility and authority. Your interview is then broken down into shorter punchy and hyper optimized videos.

How do you select the short videos ?

As experts in the real estate industry and its consumer behaviors, we’re able to identify video formats & structures that people will resonate with the most. Our editing and marketing experts cut topics that speak to your clients’ interests and needs and that build your brand and authority as an expert.

Why podcasts ?

The podcasts we upload are video interviews which are conducted with you or a person of your choice. With the ever-changing landscape in our digital age, more and more consumers are turning to podcasts. Using this piece of content also helps in building brand recognition, authority and brand favorability among consumers. These podcasts are uploaded to the most popular podcasting platforms, then titles and descriptions are polished for SEO and traffic.

Does your team have real estate marketing experience?

Yes; this is why we chose real estate specifically. We have vast expertise in real estate content creation and marketing. Our staff has decades of combined experience in the real estate and content industry and has been involved in digital content marketing in some way, shape, or form since it has existed!

What happens after I order ?

You will immediately be emailed a new client form that will need to be filled out as soon as convenient, as well as a link to schedule an onboarding call with one of our marketing managers. During your onboarding call, we will discuss your goals, preferred content topics, and current marketing needs. After the call we will provide you with estimated timelines for the first asset deliveries.

How do I contact you with questions?

The fastest way to reach us by using our Facebook Live Chat feature, emailing or sending a message through our Contact Us page. You may also call us during our business hours of 9-5 P.M. EST at 425-354-4828.

Do you offer _______ marketing services for realtors?

We offer a full range of marketing services for realtors, including web development, PPC management, paid social management and more. You can request a quote for any of these additional services by calling or emailing us at anytime.

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