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Writer Army helps in increasing your business' social media reach by carefully crafted posts that can be scheduled ahead of time. We tailor our approach to meet your specific needs and create eye-catching content that will be sure to boost your SEO rankings. Writer Army's Social Media Writing Services can make a huge difference in your business' success, especially if you still haven't started using Social Media Content Marketing yet.

Social Media Writing

No matter your current goals and campaign plans, our social media services can help.  

We’ll connect you with the right social media content writer who will craft on-brand posts that resonate with your audience. We get to know your business so that we can create social media posts that align with your values, mission, and voice.

With Writer Army, you can buy social media posts that are both impactful and valuable. Before we write a single word, we take extensive time to research and get to know your business. 

We become familiar with both the tone and purpose of your social media marketing strategy.

We also research the competition to see what we’re up against, and we spend time getting to know your audience.

Whether you want to buy Facebook posts or posts for all of your social platforms (Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram), our team will create posts that drive engagement while adding value and increasing organic traffic.

Writer Army's Social Media Writing Offers:

Only Experienced Social Media Writers

You don't want just anyone managing your social media content. That's why we hire only hire expert social media content writers.

When you hire our services, rest assured, your projects will only be given to the best. Our social media writers are highly  experienced at creating high-quality and compelling social media content with the proper keyword densities, natural integration of primary and secondary LSI keywords, and a compelling format that will drive interest and sales to your business. A strong social media presence can really make or break your business! 

We Research Your Company & Industry

We get to know you - your brand, values, and mission - before ever writing a word.

You want social media posts that sound like you wrote them. Our expert writers do just that, crafting carefully-word posts to reflect your business brand and voice. Researching your company beforehand is key to accomplishing that. We never complete a project without getting to know our client! 

Get a Free Social Media Writing Quote

Get a quote -- free of charge! Within 24 hours, you will receive a response with next steps to get your social media posts flowing!

Affordability and quality. There are few companies that put an equal emphasize on both, but Writer Army has manage to do it. We offer the best cost-benefit there is in the industry for high-quality professional social media writing. 

Get a free quote for our social media writing services, or any of the other services we offer, by clicking on the button below.

Did You Know?


of People Will Stop Following a Brand on Social Media if the Content is Poor.


of Professional Marketers Say that Their Main Traffic Source Comes From Content Creation.


is How Much Less it Costs to Use Content Marketing Compared to Other Promotional Sources.

Common Questions

All of our social media writers are based in the USA or Canada.

If you don’t have any specific topics in mind, we can create them as a part of a content calendar at an additional cost.

Yes! Writer Army offers a full range of content writing services including email writing, SEO article writing, copywriting, blog writing and many others.

When hiring Writer Army’s Social Media Writing services, you will from then on have your own army of writers to create you  quality content that will distinguish your business from the competition. 

Other than creating the written content for all your social media, Writer Army can also be in charge of managing the posting schedule, at an additional cost.

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