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5 Effective Ways to Beat Writer’s Block

Content writing can be tricky, but when you throw writer’s block into the mix, it can seem downright impossible. If you find yourself struggling to get content down on the page, you’re not alone. Nearly every writer falls into writer’s block at one point or another, whether they’re writing about their business or creating a fictional story. Luckily, there are quite a few writing tips that can help you overcome writer’s block and craft effective content for your readers. Next time you’re feeling stuck in your content writing, check out this list. 

1. Make Writing a Habit

It can be difficult to create a new habit, but if you’re serious about content writing, it can’t be a once-in-a-while activity. Work writing into your daily routine, even if it’s for as little as 15 or 30 minutes per day to start out. Having a routine in place and making writing a habit will put you in the right mindset every time you sit at your desk, helping the words to come to you more easily over time. Plus, you’ll always be cranking out fresh, new content for your business.

2. Try the Pomodoro Method

Can’t stand the thought of sitting at the computer for hours on end with nothing to say? Try the Pomodoro Method. Essentially, this method involves working in 25-minute chunks with 5-minute breaks between. Here’s a quick summary from Todoist:

Writer's Block

Why is it so effective? First, it creates a sense of urgency. As that timer counts down, you’ll feel the pressure to get something on the page. The Pomodoro Method also helps you to see that there’s an end in sight, and once you’ve gotten some work done, you get a short break as a reward.

3. Don’t Focus on Perfection

The thought of creating perfect content can be enough to stop you from writing entirely. It would be impossible to craft the perfect blog post the first time, every time, so don’t try to! The “backspace” button is there for a reason, and you can always go back and edit your work later. But if you don’t start writing to begin with, you’ll always be stuck. A word of warning, though: try to refrain from editing as you go. You could find yourself revising the same paragraph over and over if you go down this road. Wait until the piece is finished before revising.

4. Switch Up Your Workspace

Writer's Block

If you’re feeling stuck in a rut, your workspace might be to blame. After all, if you’re staring at the same four walls day in and day out, it can be hard to bring in new thoughts and ideas. So, trying changing up where you work. It could be something as simple as opening a window or adding a new picture or plant to your desk. You might also consider traveling to a nearby coffee shop or library to write for the day. A simple change of scenery can work wonders for beating writer’s block.  

5. Don’t Wait for Inspiration

Circling back around to our first tip, writing should be a part of your daily life. That means that you can’t always wait for inspiration to strike before you sit down to write. While writing is certainly a creative pursuit, it’s also much more disciplined than many beginners realize. Making yourself simply sit down and start putting words on the page is one of the most effective ways to stop writer’s block in its tracks.

These writing tips can help get your creative juices flowing and enable you to write new content for your audience each and every day. If you’re finding writer’s block is a recurring issue, you might consider working with a content creation agency like WriterArmy. We’ve been helping businesses around the world since 2013 and can create unique and engaging content that gets your audience talking. Contact us today for a free quote

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