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7 SEO Best Practices for eCommerce Product Descriptions

Running a successful eCommerce business relies heavily on your SEO optimization. Without proper optimization, your business won’t appear or rank properly in search engines like Google. But according to Hubspot, 50% of businesses struggle with staying up to date with search engine algorithms and how they change. Let’s understand some best practices to enhance the performance of your eCommerce business by writing effective eCommerce product description.

Moreover, businesses have to understand how to write effective product descriptions that will rank highly based on the nature of the algorithms. So just like with everything else in the world of SEO, eCommerce product descriptions are ever-changing, creating confusion about how to approach them. That’s why we have gathered 7 up-to-date SEO best practices for eCommerce product descriptions to help ensuring the visibility your business deserves. 

ecommerce product description
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7 SEO Best Practices For eCommerce Product Description

1. Write Benefit-Based Copy

Writing benefit-based copy is essential for grabbing users’ attention. People don’t care about your company or why you think it’s great. They want to know what’s in it for them if they decide to buy your product. So take the time to really put together a concise, honest, and benefit-based product description that gives users all the information they need to determine why your product is the most beneficial option in the market. 

2. Keyword Research

There’s no good ranking without proper keyword research. You will need to research your keywords and write product descriptions that naturally include them without feeling overly promotional. Let’s go through an example: if you’re an online pet store, and you’re selling harnesses for cats, you’ll need to include top-ranking keywords such as ‘cat harness’ or ‘cat harness and leash’ in your product description. We recommend using tools like SEMrush to ensure you’re getting the latest data. 

ecommerce product description

3. Write For Humans

Remember who you are writing for. A lot of times, businesses try to optimize their content so much that it begins to sound like they are writing for robots rather than actual individuals. When you focus on what your audience wants and needs, you are closer to writing optimized product descriptions than when you only focus on mechanical efforts to satisfy search engines. The reason behind this is that Google’s algorithms and quality raters favor content that is authentic, helpful, and prioritizes the user experience. 

4. Include Photos and Videos

Search engines also consider the fact that people want to see pictures and videos that give them a close look at your product, its features, and the way it works. Not many of us would want to invest our money in a product we’ve never seen before so make sure you include high-resolution pictures and videos of your product. Even better, shoot or film your own material if possible. 

5. Make Sure Your Product Descriptions Are Mobile Friendly

With a lot of people shopping directly from their mobile phones, it is important that you have product descriptions that can be easily viewed on mobile devices. Make sure that your descriptions load properly along with any photos or videos to ensure the highest quality user experience. 

6. Keep Your Product Descriptions Original

For some, it might seem clever to copy their product descriptions from similar products online. But when you are trying to satisfy both users and algorithms, this is not the right move for your business. Search engines don’t favor exact copies or similar content as it gets marked as spam, which will definitely drag down your rankings. Take the time to assess your products and their benefits, and write descriptions that are 100% original. 

7. Keep Up With Any Updates

As we mentioned before, we know it’s not always easy to keep up with Google’s constantly changing algorithms and raters. However, it is important that you try to do it as often as you can so that you can continue to rank nicely and promote your business’s success. An eCommerce business is very much driven by your SEO efforts after all. Try to create a workflow around this step and update your existing product descriptions as needed. 

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