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2023 Content Writer Salary Costs Versus WriterArmy

Now more than ever, content marketing has shown the highest ROI in the digital era, with the current estimated value of the content marketing industry reaching $600 Billion by 2024. 

Research conducted by Hubspot tells us that 44% of consumers read 3 to 5 blogs before making a purchase, and as a result, 89% of marketers use blogs to increase their ROI. 

Content Writer Salary
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With this in mind, consistently publishing high-quality content for your company is a mandatory practice for several reasons:

  1. It creates more opportunities for SEO across your website, which means more traffic.
  2. It humanizes your business to your audience rather than using outdated outbound sales-oriented tactics.
  3. It can leverage backlinks to grow your online presence and get higher Google rankings.
  4. It improves your brand awareness and educates your audience.
  5. It increases your authority positioning. 

So it’s no surprise that as much as 29% of marketing budgets are dedicated to content marketing, including blogs, according to the Content Marketing Institute’s survey. But what’s the best way for your company to spend that percentage? 

One of the most important decisions a company must make before starting its content marketing efforts is whether to hire a freelancer, an in-house content writer, or outsource its content to a vendor like WriterArmy instead. 

Today we’re going to draw a price comparison of in-house content writers versus WriterArmy. Let’s get started.

The Operational Cost and In-House Content Writer Salary

While there are definite advantages to hiring an in-house content writer, there are several limitations and unnecessary costs associated with this choice. 

The cost of an in-house content writer comes down to the content writer’s salary. Still, it’s also important to remember that time is a valuable currency, and training a full-time employee takes more than just paying their salary. 

According to payscale, the average content writer’s salary is $50,660. While that seems to align with the average salary of any marketing employee, when we move on to the cost comparison between a full-time employee and WriterArmy, it is easy to understand why paying this cost may actually be hurting your budget. 

Bizlibrary also conducted a survey on the average cost of training an employee and found the average to be approximately $1,678 per employee.

Moreover, data collected by Better Team showed that the average employee requires 1-2 years before being “fully productive” in their role, and that’s not an investment that can be taken lightly.

When considering all of this data we can estimate that the actual cost of hiring and training a new employee could be as high as $102,998 before reaching the desired quality and quantity of your content marketing plan. 

Moving on, in terms of the quality and consistency of an in-house content writer, there are also a number of disadvantages to consider. Effective content marketing requires consistent publishing and high-quality content, or your efforts will almost be for nothing. In-house content writers may be able to maintain quality at the cost of quantity, or quantity at the cost of quality, but rarely will they be able to do both, unless you can afford to have a large number of them month by month. 

In-house content writers often lack the structure and capacity to consistently publish large amounts of high-quality content on time, therefore, hiring an in-house employee comes with the risk of missed deadlines, unforeseen costs, and potentially even requiring additional employees to stay on track. 

WriterArmy’s Cost

Unlike paying a content writer’s salary, WriterArmy’s cost is broken down into a standard per-word payscale with a guaranteed amount of content and services suitable for any budget. The basic pricing structure is shown below.

Additionally, WriterArmy offers flexible payment options and the ability to purchase as much or as little content as needed, and all unused words roll over from month to month, never expire, and can be used for your company or your clients. 

Agencies can also choose to pay at the end of each month at a slightly higher price point if that is preferable. 

Content Writer Salary

The Benefits of WriterArmy

To list just a few of the benefits of WriterArmy as a content vendor: 

  1. SEO-Ready Content
  2. We Take Care Of The Screening and Vetting Process
  3. We Service Every Industry 
  4. We Save You Time and Money
  5. Several Payment Options 
  6. Quality and Quantity Assurance

All of these features are essential pieces of the content marketing pie, and attempting to reproduce them with your in-house writers is a time-consuming process. As we mentioned before, time is currency, and removing the time between requesting a piece of content and receiving back a ready-to-post optimized piece means saving money, an increase in website traffic, a better relationship with your audience, and an increase in conversions.

Let’s break down some of these benefits.

SEO-Ready Content

Learning proper SEO takes research, time, and trial and error. Hiring a content vendor like WriterArmy removes the need for training and delegates the constant evaluation and adjustment that goes into an SEO content strategy. WriterArmy uses a proprietary SEO content project management system to optimize content to specifically fit your needs efficiently. 

With 10 years of experience, we understand the ever-changing SEO dynamics and remove the many barriers to learning how to properly play within the rules of search engines. 

We Take Care of the Screening and Vetting Process

While an in-house content writer will always be there, taking the time to manage their progress detracts from the time available for research and development, customer relations, and other necessary aspects of running a business. 

When you hire WriterArmy, you are paying for rigorously vetted writers that are ready to take on your content needs. 

We Service Every Industry

What makes us special is our army of writers specializing in a wide range of industries. When a client comes to us we take the time to understand their needs and match their business with a dedicated writer who understands how to write for their specific industry and target audience. 

We do not believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to content, we believe that every writer has their particular place to thrive, and we do our best to find the best person for your business.

We Save You Time and Money

We remove the need for recruitment, employee onboarding, management, editing, and payroll. All of this saves dozens of hours per month that could be better served handling all other necessary aspects of the business.

We also remove the time required for an in-house writer to acclimate to your company. And as we just discussed, hiring full-time employees is also expensive, which is why outsourcing your content needs eliminates up to 50% of that cost. 

Several Payment Options

Every company’s needs are different, some have higher budgets than others, and some require more content on a consistent basis. WriterArmy considered these factors and created several options to satisfy any client.

Quality and Quantity Assurance

With multiple writers assigned to your business, the amount of content required to grow your business will never be an issue with us. Content bottlenecks will be a thing of the past.

But while the amount of content is important, the quality is more than imperative for maintaining a consistent relationship with your audience. The content you produce is a direct representation of your business, and in many cases, the first thing a new audience member will see. Outsourcing to a dedicated content vendor ensures that both quantitative and qualitative needs are met, and all are included in a flat fee. 

Direct Cost-Comparison Between An In-House Content Writer and WriterArmy

After reviewing the services required for maintaining an online presence, let’s quickly break down the cost per full-time content writer.

If we used the content writer’s annual salary of $50,660 (not including benefits) the approximate cost per month would be $4221.67

When comparing that against WriterArmy’s highest tier package, WriterArmy is less than half of the monthly cost. 

An in-house writer may lack the resources and capacity to match the quality and quantity you need, and in the event of requiring additional employees the cost of producing content in-house doubles each time. 

After reviewing all of this information, what is the best solution for you? 

No matter the size of your agency or business, time is money, and budgets matter. While there are some benefits to choosing an in-house content writer, the cost of an in-house writer will almost always be higher than outsourcing to a content vendor. 

WriterArmy Can Help

Whether you choose to work with an in-house writer or partner with a content vendor like WriterArmy, there’s no question about the impact that an effective content strategy can have on your business. Each piece of content serves to engage your audience, spread the word about your company, and prove your industry authority. 

If you’re considering hiring a content vendor, WriterArmy is here. For the last decade, our talented team of American and Canadian writers has been producing top-quality content in verticals like SaaS, fintech, real estate, travel, education, medical, legal, and many others. Each client is connected with their very own project manager, offering a direct line of contact and a personal expert to ensure you get the content that you need each time. 

Contact WriterArmy today to learn more about our services or request a free quote.

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