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5 Trending Creative Agency Newsletter Ideas

Creative agency newsletter ideas are very tough to find. According to Hubspot, there are 4 billion people that check their email on a daily basis. It is no wonder that email marketing has become one of the top ways in which brands interact with their audiences. Not only is it an effective way of interaction between customers and businesses, but email marketing also generates excellent business revenue. It is estimated to reach 11 billion at the end of 2023, according to Statista. Let’s dive in to statistics to understand creative agency newsletter ideas.

creative agency newsletter
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But how exactly do you write effective emails to boost your revenue as a creative agency? Not only is it important that you send emails regularly to subscribers, but it is also important that you send newsletters that are creative and catch your target audience’s eye. Let’s explore the top 5 trending creative agency newsletter ideas you must try today. 

5 Trending Creative Agency Newsletter Ideas

  1. Gift Guide

Use the holidays to your advantage and include a gift guide in your next newsletter. Not only will you be engaging with your customers in something that is relevant, but you will be offering solutions to one of the most daunting questions we experience during the holiday season, which is what gifts to get your loved ones. If you have products that you are offering at special prices during the holiday season, be sure to include those details within your newsletter to guide the audience to head over to your site to make a sale. Let’s see more on trending creative agency newsletter ideas.

  1. Offer Discounts or Coupons 

Don’t just offer discounts or coupons freely though. Get something in return by asking your customers to take a survey or poll in exchange for a discount or coupon. Not only does this enhance communication and interaction with your customers, but it also drives traffic back onto your website. 

  1. Share Customer Testimonials and Photos

Make your emails personal by offering customer testimonials that your target audience can relate to. You can include quotes of what your customers are saying to reach that relatability, but more importantly, try to include photos. Photos make your emails more personal and make it easier for the reader to relate to your email. The pictures can showcase your customers using the products and the positive effect your product has had on them. Or you may even use photos of people as they are purchasing from your business.

  1. Share Free Resources

You might not have free resources to send your customers but there are plenty of free resources available all over the internet. Do some research and offer valuable information to your customers so that they appreciate the hard work that you put into writing the newsletter. They will be more likely to open the email if they are learning something! 

  1. Show Your Appreciation

At times, business email loses its personal touch and with the constant newsletters, customers might get tired of always being offered a product to buy. Try showing your appreciation by sending an email with the statistics and growth of your business thanks to the customers who are supporting your business. A simple thank you can go a long way. 

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