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How to Write Successful Google Ads for Online Courses

Google is the world’s leading search engine accounting for 92% of the world’s online searches. Let’s learn how to write successful google ads for online courses. Most of us heavily rely on Google for our everyday questions: if you want to find the nearest pizza place, you just look it up on Google to find reviews, addresses, prices, and more. If you want to know who made the first pizza in history, you also look it up on Google, finding when and where it was supposedly made. And if you want to learn how to make a pizza, guess what? Google again. It is no wonder that businesses rely on Google Ads to increase their profit. Even online courses are turning to Google Ads to advertise their products. 

According to Heap Analytics, Google has the highest conversion rate in comparison to other channels. 

google ads for online courses
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But what exactly are Google Ads and how to write successful google ads for online courses? Don’t worry! In this article, we’ll tell you everything you should know about it so let’s dive into how to write successful google ads for online courses.

What Are Google Ads?

Before diving into google ads for online courses let’s first understand Google Ads. Google Ads is a pay-per-click platform that advertises your ads on the search engine results pages of Google. Users are able to run a single campaign or multiple campaigns at the same time. Each campaign focuses on specific keywords, text, and landing pages that draw the attention of users looking for similar products or services. 

Understanding Google Ads is very important in order to write successful Google Ads for online courses. Campaigns can be targeted for each product and Google shows the ads based on personalized settings that you determine when your ads are created. Let’s dive deeper into google ads for online courses to understand the art of writing successful google ads for online courses.

How To Write Effective Google Ads For Online Courses

Tell a Story

People like to consume relatable content that speaks to their desires and needs. One of the best ways to do this is by telling a compelling story. We suggest using testimonials in your online course ads or google ads for online courses, as they can tell your audience some of the most important information they want to know from someone just like them. For example, they get to read about the pain points your course can solve, as well as the career advantages it provides. Moreover, testimonials are a great way to engage your target emotionally, tapping into their deepest motivations.

Highlight Benefits and Urgence

For a lot of trainers and content creators, using a lot of adjectives when talking about their experience and online courses may sound like a good idea. But unless you’re very famous in your field, this is not the best strategy. What people really want to know is what’s in it for them if they get your online course, along with some facts regarding your experience on the topic. You can highlight the salary evolution experienced by previous customers after taking your course, as well as the specific skills they’ll gain, and the practical tasks or goals they can use them for.  

You can also convey a sense of urgency. People love to feel exclusive, and if they’re interested in your online course and read there are very few places left, they may get a stronger sense of it being an opportunity they don’t want to miss. 

Use The Right Keywords

Using the right keywords is essential as they are what drives your campaign, putting it in front of the right audience. You will want to use keywords that your customers are most likely to search for when looking for training or certifications in your field of expertise. We recommend using keyword research tools like the ones offered by SEMrush or Moz to ensure you’re always getting the latest data. Just make sure that you include your keywords in a natural way to enhance the user experience. 

Keep It Honest

When creating ads, it’s very common to see people promising everything and anything as long as they get to sell their product. This kind of approach is not only suspicious, but it also creates all the conditions for a disappointing customer experience, which will ultimately lead to poor reviews and bad conversion rates. We encourage you to keep it real by being clear and honest about the scope of benefits your online course can provide. This way, those who buy it or sign up for your course will know exactly what they’re getting for their money, enhancing trust, customer satisfaction, and loyalty. 

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