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Is HubSpot for Startups Really Ideal?

So, you have a startup or small business. You may be wondering: Do I need a platform to manage my business? Is something like HubSpot the right fit for me?

The answer is yes! HubSpot for Startups is a justifiable expense and can really help get your business off the ground. However, it’s important to know why HubSpot for startups works, especially when explaining the reasoning for your budget to the team.

HubSpot for Startups Provides the Right Environment for Growth.

HubSpot’s Professional Hubs gives you access to collaboration tools, email comparison reporting, Account Based Marketing tools, automation, lead scoring, sales analytics, sequenced emails, content and topic clusters, CTAs, A/B testing, forecasting, dynamic personalization, social media tools, and much more!

While you might not need all these tools to start, you can add them to your repertoire as you go along. With time, your marketing should grow, and HubSpot’s relevance will grow alongside you! As your own techniques become more sophisticated, you can tap into HubSpot’s Enterprise Hubs with functions that include custom behavioral events, custom objects, playbooks, single sign on, partitioning, and multi-touch revenue attribution reporting. All of this to say that HubSpot provides the right conditions for growth and will continue to provide relevant tools for each stage of your startup or small business’ development.

HubSpot for startups
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HubSpot Helps You Make the Most of Your Time.

You know the old adage: Time is money. While you’re busy getting your startup off the ground, there’s always too much to do and not enough time to get it all done. Because HubSpot for Startups is so streamlined, you will be able to put all your important information in one place, under one system, rather than trying to manage a dozen different platforms and spending hours trying to tie everything together. An integrated platform like HubSpot prevents you from having to move between Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter for social media scheduling. Not only is that a great use of your time, but it saves you and all your team a lot of stress.

HubSpot is Streamlined for Your Convenience.

Some platforms are so complicated to use that you feel the need for a master’s degree to manage them. As a startup, you don’t need a huge and complicated creature to manage your business and so a use-friendly platform is preferable. In comparison with other marketing automation platforms, HubSpot scores very high in terms of usability. Without an entire team of in-house marketers, a streamlined system like this is likely just what you need!

HubSpot Allows You to Report All in One Place.

Customer, prospect, contact, company, and deal information can all be kept in the same place as marketing and sales activities. If you were contacted over social media or in response to an outreach email, all of this information is stored in HubSpot. You can analyze these activities with tangible metrics, like leads generated, conversion to customers, and revenue rather than vanity metrics such as number of likes.

Having data you can rely on is invaluable. Without HubSpot, you’ll be back to creating spreadsheets to store data from all your different providers.

HubSpot Connects to You Plenty of Valuable Resources.

In addition to its streamlined, user-friendly platform, a subscription to HubSpot provides you access to HubSpot Academy. There are, of course, instructions for how to navigate the platform itself, but more than that, you have unlimited access to courses and lessons across marketing tactics, SEO, writing skills, sales skills, and much, much more. If you need a refresher course on marketing, this is the place to do so!

If you’re convinced that HubSpot is an appropriate fit for you but are still concerned about finances, you may be in luck. HubSpot has start-up friendly pricing available, allowing you to apply for between 30 and 90 percent off the standard pricing within your first year. After that, there are reduced but ongoing discounts which will ideally match your own company’s growth.

For more information about getting started with HubSpot – and more generally managing your marketing campaigns – Writer Army can provide you with the guidance you need to get your startup on track within its first year. Contact us today for a free consultation about our services and strategic marketing plans.

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