how to generate leads with content marketing

How to Generate Leads with Content Marketing

All of your marketing strategies share one main goal: get sales. But before you can get sales, you have to generate leads. Bringing people to your company and its offerings is the biggest reason to create content, and it’s an incredibly effective way to market your business. Content marketing can help improve your reputation and bring leads to your company in a way that simple paid ads simply can’t do. But how can you make sure your strategy will actually bring people in? We’ve got seven basic tips for lead generation with content marketing.

Go In-Depth with Your Market Research

Before you even begin creating content, it’s vital to research your market. You’ve probably already done a bit of this research when creating your products or services, but to properly market your offerings, you’ll need to dig even deeper. 

Research keywords in your niche to discover what your audience members are searching for. Create buyer personas to learn more about your user’s needs, pain points, and buying behavior. When it comes to content marketing, there’s no such thing as too much research. Everything you discover will simply help you to customize and fine-tune your strategy to reach your perfect audience. 

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Target Long-Tail Keywords

You’re likely already doing some SEO keyword research to help your content rank better on social media. But targeting short, wide-reaching keywords may not be doing you any good. Instead of focusing on competitive keywords like “women’s shoes” or “office supplies,” for instance, you’re likely to get more conversions by targeting more specific long-tail keywords like “black women’s running shoes” or “fine-tip multicolored highlighters in bulk.”

Yes, those short-tail keywords should still have a place in your overall marketing strategy. But they shouldn’t be the only thing you focus on. Making a concerted effort to target those more specific keywords can help you attract segments of your audience that your competitors are likely missing out on.

Promote Your Content Properly

Once you’ve created some content, you’ve got to post and promote it. It can’t help your lead generation by sitting on your computer! But if you don’t figure out when and where to promote your content, those pieces might as well still be sitting on your hard drive. Using multiple platforms for content promotion and discovering the specifics of posting on each one can help boost your performance with virtually no additional effort.

First, do your research to see what channels are best for your specific audience. For instance, email marketing tends to be successful with many age groups, but as far as social media, older audiences gravitate toward Facebook while younger ones are often on Instagram or TikTok more. Then, after your content has been posted, track your progress and adjust accordingly as you move forward.

Try Guest Blogging To Generate Leads With Content Marketing

If you’re considering how to improve your lead generation with content marketing, you don’t have to do it alone. Working with others in your niche through guest blogging can help you reach large sects of your audience that might not have discovered you yet. Plus, you’ll be proving your industry authority by working with other big names in your field. 

When you’re reaching out about guest blogging opportunities, think about the topics that are most relevant to your shared audience. Be sure to integrate links back to your landing pages and give your partner the opportunity to produce content for your business as well. This strategy will go even further to improve your reputation, as it shows that other big names in the industry are proud to have their content on your platforms.

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Create Killer Landing Pages

When you’re creating a piece of content, you want your audience to do something in response. Typically, you’re looking for them to visit your website and hopefully make a purchase. So, when they get to your website, you want to have an incredible landing page ready to greet them. If you haven’t updated your landing pages in a while, now is the time to do so.

Make sure that your copy and visuals are in line with the brand tone and voice that you’re using in your content. You’ll also want to make sure that your landing pages are user-friendly and easy to navigate both on desktop and on mobile. Add some visual appeal with infographics or break up big chunks of text with bullet points. All of these small changes add up to make a more enticing landing page overall.

Design Appealing, Useful Visuals

Content is not just about text. Visuals are incredibly important to drawing potential buyers’ attention and bringing new users to your channels. As with any type of content, you’ll want to make sure your visuals are in line with the overall tone of your brand. If your brand voice is more serious and authoritative, for instance, it likely won’t go over well if you use tons of bright colors and exciting language in your visuals.

Once your visuals are created, integrate them wherever you can. Videos, for example, can work well on their own or can be worked into a blog post or email. Infographics are good options for posting on their own on social media, while how-to graphics might work well within a blog post explaining how to use a product. Those visuals are excellent attention-grabbers and can help attract leads in a way that text alone can’t often do.

Improve Your Content Marketing with WriterArmy

Now that you know a bit more about how to generate leads with content marketing, you’re well on your way to improving your strategy overall. Bringing in leads is a major benefit of content marketing, but having a strategy and using it effectively can also help you to prove your authority in the industry, spread the word about your company, rank higher in terms of SEO, and ultimately lead to more sales. If you’re intimidated by the idea of content marketing or simply don’t know where to start, WriterArmy can help. We are proud to have more than a decade of experience working in content marketing, helping clients from around the world attract leads in countless in-demand verticals. To learn more about our content marketing services or to request a free quote, contact WriterArmy today.

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