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What are Pillar Pages? And why you need them

Pillar pages are the next major innovation in SEO. It is changing the way we interpret, read, and discover content. Just as importantly, it is changing exactly how Google prioritizes content, forcing everyone in digital marketing to change their approach or risk moving back out with the tide.

Pillar pages are remarkable in that just a few short years ago, we structured content in a very different way. So what is a pillar page and why do we need it?

The Hub of Information- Kind of.

So a pillar page is like a structure holding up a specific part of the architecture. And just like any well-built building, there are quite a few pillars organized simply and easily to support the whole structure.

A pillar page is just that. It gathers specific content in one page designed to hold up a topic. Pillar pages broadly cover a topic, acting as the lead-in to an assortment of blogs that offer deeper dives on the topic at hand.

For example

Let’s take a pillar page on content writing. It would address, in broad terms, the value and importance of writing content on a website.

The blogs then deeply cover various subcategories of content writing, possibly including hyperlinks, keywords, writing length, and so on.

The Differences between a Landing Page and a Pillar Page

With the above breakdown, a pillar page can help set your business (and blog) as an authority in the field. Do it correctly and your blog will be looked at as the modern encyclopedia – without the boring parts of it. You can use it to guide readers to learn everything there is to learn on a topic.

Better yet, you’ll eventually educate potential customers on why buying from you, could be their best choice. In a world where competition is growing everyday, it’s all about offering value beforehand.

In other words, you’ll give readers so much amazing value (for free) that they’ll think : “If these guys show me this much for free, imagine what their paid services look like!”.

Features of a Pillar Page

A pillar page is most commonly designed with a few distinct features. These include:

● Substantially longer length compared to a typical blog
● Answers direct questions about a topic in non-specific terms
● Used in conjunction with video, image, and social content
● Numerous hyperlinks to articles within the topic area

Like many things in SEO development, pillar pages can be used skillfully or awkwardly. Though time will tell where pillar pages rank in importance to your overall digital strategy, we know without a doubt that a quality pillar page is a window to building trust in a market and generating ideal clients time over time again.

If you want to use the WriterArmy team to craft a top-tier pillar page, request an order directly or call us at 425-354-4828. We prioritize a distinct customer focus for all our projects, incorporating an intuitive self service option or an active and managed service. Reach out to us for more details.

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