Benefits of Press Release

5 Benefits of Writing a Press Release

Despite innumerable changes in digital marketing in the last few years, the press release is still a powerful tool. It is one of the best ways to create a sophisticated, clear, and professional voice in a marketplace.

There is an instant air of authenticity, credibility, and clarity with a good press release. And regardless of how they have evolved in the last few years, these factors have not changed.

A good release can allow you to reap at least five impressive benefits, with less efforts working on your business.

1.)  Set the Record Straight

Are other businesses taking attention away from your practice? Would you like to adjust your business’ reputation in the market? With a newsflash, you can cut right through the noise in any industry.

Note: Before reaching out for PR, always ask yourself. How is my business different from all the other competitors in my area? And what makes my business special?

A solid release, even a bad one, can still help set the record straight. It’s (attention-grabbing) information, straight from the source. Something which is always heavily favored by journalists covering your industry and area.

2. )  Add to Your SEO

Press releases are, in fact, prioritized by Google. When a news website refers to yours, it adds to your domain’s authority. Google then sees you as a trustworthy website, favorable to rank high on Almighty Search Engines.

Whether you like it or not, Google desires the credibility that often comes from this key piece of content, and will heavily favor brands that rely on it. Use this to your advantage.

3. )  Communicate a Major News Change

A press release shouldn’t necessarily be common. You wouldn’t want to dilute the importance of a press release. But used sparingly and properly, press releases can help signal a major transition and usher in major new changes.

This’ll work best when the change you make helps your customers immensely. Think of solving a problem that everybody’s going through, but no competitor has offered a solution to it yet.

4.)  Reach Viable Partners

Press releases are a rather significant source of information for bloggers and various kinds of influencers. They help these important followers cut through the noise.

Play this to your advantage. Issue a press release to garner influence, support, and encourage their voice. Brand ambassadors can be serious assets for whatever transition, change, or added value in a marketplace.

5.)  Get Ahead of the Curve with Digital Virality

A press release has undoubtedly evolved, and this should be taken into account. It does not have to appear as a 300- to 400-word post.

It could arise as a live Twitter chat, a direct email newsletter, a live streaming video on YouTube, and more. Combine the essence of the press release with modern media to take it in some fascinating new directions.

Tape us to help you craft compelling press releases. We want to make our content clear, scalable, and exceptional, without exception. You can contact WriterArmy at 425-354-4828 to order or to ask for any additional details.

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