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Is Blogging for SEO Important for Law Firms?

You may not be surprised to learn that the majority of law firms don’t bother to run a blog. They may put up websites with their services and contact information, but then they leave it alone.

This is a huge mistake.

Blogging for SEO is vital for law firms because they are an incredibly cost-effective, low-maintenance way to promote your business and establish your credibility in a market that has very low competition right now.

Blogging exponentially increases your SEO, growth, and lead generation opportunities among a host of other benefits, so let’s look more closely at the connection between blogging and SEO for law firms before exploring just a few of the many benefits associated with blogging.

Blogging for SEO

Having a blog alone isn’t enough to get your content ranking on the top pages of Google, but when you pair a consistent blog with strong SEO strategies, your firm is sure to take off.

Blogs give you a reason to constantly be adding new information to your website. They keep you motivated to post new, relevant content for your audience, and that influx of content makes all the difference when it comes to maintaining strong SEO. Blogging for SEO relies on a wealth of constantly updated, relevant, keyword-optimized content to place you in the top rankings on Google and other search engines’ top results, and countless businesses on the market take full advantage of their SEO-driven blogs to gain as much convertible traffic as they can.

But while personal finance, literature, interior design, and sports blogs are the most popular blog types currently, using this medium as part of your law firm’s traffic-generating strategy can be incredibly beneficial.

Benefits of Blogging for Law Firms

There are several key benefits your firm can take advantage of by starting a legal blog today. Blogging for SEO provides you with cost-effective advertising, increased online presence, more authority and credibility, decreased social media content generation time, and a greater chance to stand out from your competition. Let’s dive into each of these benefits separately to fully unpack them.

Blogs Provide Cost-Effective Advertising

Advertising costs can be incredibly expensive. The fees associated with constantly maintaining television ads, Google ads, billboards, and more can be overwhelming–especially if you’re a smaller firm.

And while you will face a few upfront costs when starting your blog, maintaining it is surprisingly affordable. Standard blogs may cost you anywhere from $50 to $200 with monthly costs ranging from $20-$60. That’s a huge improvement over the $9,000-$10,000 small to medium-sized businesses spend on Google ads every month.

Blogging for SEO can get your content in front of even more people than billboards or other physical ads, and they have a much better ROI than Google ads. This is because once you publish a blog, it never stops working for you. It will keep generating audience traffic until you choose to take it down. Ads, on the other hand, can be money-grabbing machines. They only produce traffic as long as you funnel money into them. The second the money stops, the traffic goes with it.

Blogs Increase Your Firm’s Online Presence

It’s no secret that Google and other search engines have become the first place most people go when looking for recommendations. From restaurant recommendations to mechanics, travel destinations, and so much more, Google is the primary source people check for quality assurance, customer reviews, and much more.

One study found that 96% of people use their search engines to find lawyers rather than strictly trusting word-of-mouth family and friend recommendations.

If you keep your blog stocked with relevant, topically wide-ranging articles within your legal field, your online presence will increase along with it, making it far more likely that your blog post will be one of the top results on a search engine results page (SERP).

Remember, the majority of users aren’t going to be looking up specific legal offices and firms by name when they need legal assistance online. Instead, they’re going to be searching for legal information on whatever issue they’re dealing with. 

They may look up topics like “How Divorce Settlements Work,” “What to Do After a DUI,” or “How to Legally Protect My Business,” and if you have relevant articles on your site, they can find assistance through you and be far more likely to convert from mere traffic into leads.

blogging for seo

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Blogs Increase Your Authority and Credibility

Your website needs to work to convince site visitors that you’re a credible, authoritative law firm. You need people to trust you to gain their business.

One of the best ways to gain this trust and establish your credibility is by consistently posting blogs. Writing with the benefit of your legal expertise on topics you regularly deal with is a way to show audiences you know what you’re doing. It shows you’re not only aware that certain issues exist, but that you’ve dealt with them before, and you can help new clients deal with them now.

Blogging Reduces Social Media Content Preparations

Keeping up with a slew of social media accounts can be such a hassle–especially when it comes to generating exciting, new content every week.

By writing new blog posts regularly, you’re doing all the hard social media work for yourself ahead of time. You’re doing all your research, finding a topic, and drafting a few hundred words of content on it that you can later use as your sole reference and inspiration for social media content.

Additionally, using blurbs, quotes, and excerpts from your blogs is a great way to draw in more engagement and drive them to your website.

Blogs Help You Stand Out from Competing Firms

Let’s face it: the legal world is full of competition between attorneys competing for a win in court to lawyers competing for clients outside of it. Anything you can do to gain an edge over your competitors is an opportunity you have to seize.

Through blogging, you’re able to separate your firm from others as only 15% of solar firms and 11% of small firms do. Blogging for SEO gives you the unique opportunity to outmaneuver your opponents and become part of an exclusive online group of legal representation.

If you’re looking to start and need help promoting your law firm, outsourcing SEO services is the best way to go for guaranteed results. Contact WriterArmy to learn more about our content creation and content marketing services!

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