A guide to the benefits of outsourcing your content to a content writing service, from saving you time, money, and increasing your traffic and leads!

5 Benefits of Hiring Content Writing Services in 2023

Content writing is the process of writing and editing digital marketing material, including blogs, emails, video and podcast scripts, and platform-specific social media content, and is now more essential than ever for any business or agency. That’s the main reason behind the increasing demand for content writing service providers.

According to Hubspot, 44% of consumers read 3-5 blogs before making a purchase, and 89% of marketers use blogs to increase their return on investment (ROI). But blogs are only one aspect of content writing and in order to compete in the digital marketing space it’s important to have a full ecosystem of content. 

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As we discussed in a previous article, hiring a full-time content writer for your business is an expensive and time-consuming process, which is why hiring content writing services may be the best option to ensure a sustainable solution for your content needs.

Today we’re going to cover five benefits of hiring a content writing service for your digital marketing needs.

SEO-Ready Content

Learning proper search engine optimization (SEO) takes research, time, and trial and error. But hiring a content writing service can remove the need for training employees and delegates the constant evaluation and adjustment that goes into an up-to-date SEO content strategy. 

Content writing services are often experienced in SEO. For example, WriterArmy has been generating SEO-ready content for 10 years and uses a proprietary SEO content project management system to optimize content to specifically fit the needs of any business. 

When you choose to work with a content writing vendor that offers this type of service, you receive SEO-ready content every time you send a request, ensuring the visibility and traffic your website needs. 

Connect With Your Target Audience

Content writing service providers can study your target audience, consumers, and clients to create the right strategy to connect with them in the best way possible.

A skilled content writing vendor understands your brand’s voice, learns who your audience is, and writes content that speaks to that audience as if it were your own words. 

This connection and attention is formed by creating engaging content that covers trending topics in your industry in a way that holds the reader’s attention until the end and continues addressing topics that bring the most traffic to your website. 

Allows You To Focus On Sales

Content writing requires time, money, and energy. Hiring in-house content writers is an option for businesses, but the cost and time required to hire and manage employees is time that could be better spent focusing on sales and business growth.

Content writing services supply ready-to-go content delivered as needed, and because this content is tailored for your business and is often optimized for search engines, you are generally guaranteed to see an increase in your leads.

Vetted Writers

While an in-house content writer will always be in the office, this requires taking the time to vet them, review their deliverables, and manage their progress.

Content writing service providers often provide access to a pool of writers specializing in dozens of industries and assign specific writers based on your niche. This removes the need for training in-house writers while also guaranteeing satisfaction for every piece of content.

Cost Efficient

Hiring and training full-time employees are expensive and outsourcing your content eliminates up to 50% of that cost. This means a higher ROI, which is something every business should aim at. 

Content writing services can offer tiered pricing models, flexible payment options, and the ability to purchase as much or as little content as needed, without having to train them, match a salary or grant them 1-2 years to become fully productive in their position.

WriterArmy Can Help

When you hire a content writing service like WriterArmy you are saving money and guarantee high-quality SEO content that attracts your audience and help you increase your conversion rates.

If you’re considering outsourcing your content, WriterArmy is here to help. For the last decade, we have produced content for businesses in over 50 industries with proven results. Contact us today to learn more about our services.

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