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Do You Really Need a Content Marketing Strategy?

What is a Content Marketing Strategy?

A content marketing strategy entails creating (and sending ) content, whether digital or physical, out to an audience. The goal being is to engage with your audience, and build trust &  appreciation.

Do this right, and you’ll have a more solid brand, with a flood of money out of their pocket interested customers.

Get Your Notepads Out, Because This is Going to Be Juicy

In order to succeed, there are a few things which a content marketing strategy must achieve. Simply put, your voice must resonate with your ideal target’s minds.

To put this into context : A customer who’s looking to buy a car doesn’t think or speak the same as another who’s buying life insurance. Their questions, emotions, frustrations and desires are all different. So keep those in mind, and make sure to leverage them.

Now, make sure that your content is the best it can be. i.e While it is imperative to get your message out there, it is even more important that the message leaves people wanting more. This means sustainability, which is one of the most important facets of an effective content marketing strategy.

A basic guideline is quality over quantity. Countless companies focus on sending out as much content as possible, with not enough thought toward anything else. All that this really does is add to the mess of fluff that there is, online and wherever else.

Ensure that your content is solid before you put it out there. Study your audience, your competition, what’s working right now. Then, think how you can make it better and add value to the marketplace.

Above all, this is how you will win the loyalty of your audience.

Here are some major things to consider when creating an exceptional content marketing strategy:

Knowing Your Target Audience :

Your content marketing strategy should be, after all, individualized to them. Use Answerthepublic to figure out what type of questions potential customers have in mind when looking for your service.

Content Marketing Strategy

Read the comments in your top competitors posts on each platform, read the reviews and all relevant content. Then organize  those into customer psychographics. Finally, decide on how you can offer content, answers to questions, and even packages that your competitors may have overlooked.

Make Diligent Use of Resources at Hand

Make the best use of what is available to you already. Expansion is something to strive for, but once more, do focus on quality. Know what resources you’ll require; what platforms make the most sense for your business to be active on, and who will be responsible for doing that work.

Are you going to offer a new kind of content ? Think podcasts, vlogs, weekly episodes, live twitter chats etc. New resources and adaptability will of course be a great aid to your progress as a business.

Decide with care who will be responsible for content creation, and maintenance. Also make sure that there are other minds behind everything, to bounce ideas off and on consistently. Both for your business and for your content marketing strategy endeavors.

Know Your Platforms

How, when, and where to distribute your content. Best times to publish on social media platforms. (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, & LinkedIn).

Be open to feedback from your target audience. This is how you form a positive relationship with your audience: addressing their needs, and making the changes which seem truly necessary.

Ultimately, you’ll increase engagement, reach, leads, and money-making customers. Reflect on your business well. Be open to suggestions as well as criticisms, and create a positive space in which to communicate. A cohesive company is a healthy company.

Have a Business Story

Since the beginning of history, storytelling has been the most influential, to both cultures and individuals.

Study the art of storytelling to guarantee higher interest and influence in your marketplace. This can be informative, but should  also add a personal touch to catch the interest of your audience.

Create an Editorial Calendar

Editorial calendars are journals where you can have your content planned way ahead. You can note in it ideas for your next posts,  then work on each as you go. When you have many pieces of content planned ahead, you’re suddenly less concerned how well your last posts did. But naturally focused on the analytics side, how to make your next content pieces great.

A win-win. This saves you on the hassle of having to brainstorm each time for your next post idea. Your audience will surely wish to socialize, both amongst themselves and with your business.

Figure out how often to publish, and when. This is part of knowing your target audience, and reaching them. Here are 52 social  media posts ideas with examples, to get you started.

Why Does Every Business Need a Content Marketing Strategy?

These days, there are more businesses looking to get their content out there than ever before. This in mind, it is clear that your  business must strive to be extraordinary.

A business that knows what it’s doing, and which follows that course consistently is most impressive. Your audience wants to know that you are the expert, and the most worthy of their trust – and time.

A great business content marketing strategy will take the ideas that you have already, the questions to ask, then help you find the right answers. All you’ll need left is implementation. Indeed, behind every great business is a great content marketing strategy.

Why Should You Hire a Content Marketing Agency?

Some do indeed try to create content marketing strategies on their own. And if you put your head into it, you can always create great content.

However, if you feel that you don’t have the right experience or skills to create the most engaging content. Then a content marketing agency is your next best move.

At WriterArmy (and other agencies too), we combine experts from each field to create the most engaging content that only attracts your ideal type of customers . Our content individualized, and tailor-made to specific goals and requirements.

Creating a content marketing strategy takes effort, and there are many, many details. While you may have plenty of good ideas of  your own, a quality content marketing agency can help you structure them, and polish them for optimal results. If done correctly, a business combined with a content marketing agency is a tag-team for success.

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