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eBook Writing Services Can Help You Reach These 5 Goals

Your content marketing strategy probably already involves content like social media posts, blogs, and emails. But many small businesses are intimidated by long-form content. However, the benefits are more than worth the time and effort you’ll be investing.  

Long-form content has been shown to perform better for organic search, offer more room for backlinks, and bring higher conversion rates than short-form content. The best part: you don’t have to write the content yourself in order to reap the benefits. Here are five reasons why you should consider hiring eBook writing services for your business. 

Gain More Warm Leads

Reaching out to people out of the blue (also known as “cold leads”) can be tricky. If these people have never heard of you before or know nothing about your business, it can be tough to convince them of why they should work with you. Warm leads, however, will already know about your business and are likely already interested in what you have to offer. 

Publishing an eBook is a great way to gain warm leads. Potential customers are often willing to provide something in exchange for long-form content, which is why it’s common for companies to ask for your email address before providing their eBooks. Your audience will benefit from the free content, and you’ll benefit from building your email list. Plus, you get the added benefit of knowing that your emails are going to truly promising leads, giving you a better ROI. In fact, for every dollar spent, emails bring an average of $40 in ROI!

ebook writing services

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Encourage Engagement

These days, audiences crave interaction from businesses more than ever before. Engagement is also good for your business, building stronger client relationships and helping to get that precious “word of mouth” traffic. But to encourage engagement, you’ve got to help your readers get to your other channels. eBook writing services can help you do just that. 

Your eBook doesn’t have to be endless walls of text. You can instead integrate interactive elements like links to your blog posts, coupon downloads, and other resources you’ve created. Not only will you be providing extra content to your audience (which makes them feel like they’re getting something exclusive), but you’re also subtly encouraging them to engage with you on your website or social channels.

Prove Your Industry Authority

When you’re writing short social media posts or blogs for your audience, there’s no doubt that your insights are valuable. But these shorter forms of content don’t give you the space to dive deep into the topic at hand. Long-form content like eBooks, though, let you show your stuff. 

eBooks not only allow you to expand on the specifics of a certain topic, but they also provide more room for you to share your unique insights and offer advice that your audience won’t find anywhere else. By creating a thorough resource on a relevant topic for your audience, you can prove that your business is an authority in the field. 

On top of that, eBooks help to set you apart from the competition. You can offer a comprehensive guide on a topic that rival businesses may not have covered. You’ll be bringing in new audiences with your unique perspective and will soon become a go-to resource in your industry.

Repurpose Old Content

If your goal is to increase the amount of content you’re putting out, you don’t have to do everything from scratch. Refreshing and repurposing old content you’ve created can save time and money while still bringing a brand-new resource to your audience. 

Look through your previous blog posts and see if you’ve written multiple pieces around the same topic. You can then combine these blogs into one comprehensive eBook. To go a step further, you may consider making a few new pieces to go into your eBook, such as an infographic or “how to” listicle about the topic at hand. 

Repurposing content for an eBook is a great way to get your work out to as many readers as possible. While not everyone will read your blog, they can still benefit from the same information in an eBook format. Or, if a reader has only seen some of your blogs, they can use your eBook to fill in the gaps of their current knowledge.

Expand Your Network

Any successful business needs to know the right people. Networking is a critical part of expanding your company and its endeavors. By creating long-form content like eBooks, you’re more likely to catch the attention of potential connections and, more importantly, have them take you seriously as an industry authority. 

If you’re aiming to use eBook writing services in order to network, you can benefit from a low production cost and a top-quality piece of work to share with others in your industry. Your customers and potential connections will see that you’re dedicated to high-quality work and serving as a valuable resource in your field.

eBook Writing Services from WriterArmy

eBooks can bring countless benefits to your company, and this list of goals is truly just the tip of the iceberg. Thankfully, you don’t have to figure everything out yourself. As one of the most trusted content creation and content marketing agencies in the country, WriterArmy is here to help. 

WriterArmy has spent the last decade amassing an expert team of American and Canadian writers to meet your content needs. We work with clients from around the world and cover today’s most in-demand verticals, including law, medicine, education, B2B, travel, real estate, finance, and more. 

Our writers each have unique specialization areas, guaranteeing that you’ll work with a writer who already has experience in your field. Your expertise combined with our writers’ specific knowledge will combine to create an eBook that your competitors simply can’t replicate. Plus, you won’t have to worry about working with a writer who doesn’t understand what they’re writing about. 
eBook writing services could be the turning point for your business’s growth. Contact WriterArmy today to learn more and to request a free quote!

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