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Writer Army vs. Platforms: 12 Convincing Reasons to Work with Us

Writer Army is proud to be a top content marketing service for customers from around the world. Whatever stage your business is in, quality, frequent content combined with a modern content marketing strategy are key to getting your messaging out into the world and building a loyal client base.

You might be thinking of enlisting help. Freelancer platforms have become a common method of getting help with your content. Although they seem like a good option, they come with numerous downsides including: time-consuming recruitment process, complicated payment methods, lack of writing expertise, and no satisfaction guarantee, among many others. 

 Using these services is often not as simple and straightforward as you might hope.

Why is Writer Army a Better Option?

1. Managed for You

From the moment you enlist our services, we manage the entire process. This is invaluable in and industry where time is money. Using competing services, such as Fiverr or Upwork, you start the process by searching for qualified writers. Once you’ve hired your writers, you must also act as their manger, dealing with every revision and question that comes your way. At the end of the process, you are also in charge of negotiating the payment and sending it through.

By contrast, Writer Army has streamlined the process, so you get the best results without wasting any of your time. Our main goal is to take time-consuming content marketing tasks away from our clients because we know you have better things to do than creating copy for your social media pages. We pick the most qualified writers for the task, and every stage of their work is supervised by our project managers. We handle payments and all other arrangements, so you don’t have to.

2. Better Service

From the moment you contact us, we are committed to supporting you create the best content marketing strategy. To start, we provide a sample of our services and a vision for transforming your marketing strategy. Our consultations always go beyond the most basic strategies, and our recommendations come from years of experience in the business.

 We also offer a free quote, so there is no question at any point how much our services cost or how much your company should invest in marketing. At every point in the process, our staff and program managers are available to assist you and will quickly respond to any questions or concerns you might have. The finished content will always be top-notch quality and will be delivered to you on time.

 When it comes to the competition, you never quite know what you will get. When taking bids from freelance writers, there is service guarantee. It’s an interaction forged without high quality control measures. Writer Army guarantees that the service you pay for is what you’ll get.

3. Better Writers

Not only is our service top-notch, but the content we deliver is too. We have a strict vetting process for who we hire, and only those who demonstrate true skill and experience will be tasked with writing your content.

 Many content writing services cannot make the same guarantee. Most services have quite low standards for their writers. On platforms that require bidding for a position, you may have many qualified writers to choose from, but without any background knowledge of the person you hire, how can you be certain the individual is as skilled as they claim to be? It’s one less worry for you to know that your content is being written by the very best in the business.

4. No Writer Screening Required

 Not only is the quality of many freelance writers questionable, but on platforms, you start off knowing nothing of their background. All you know is what they have told you for themselves. Especially if you are dealing with sensitive material, you want a guarantee that writers are trustworthy. Verifying a writers’ experience, credibility, and qualifications is yet another time-consuming task you don’t need on your plate. 

At Writer Army, we handle the screening process. Each and every writer we work with has been carefully vetted, and we identify their industry expertise to match them with the right clients. You can rest assured that your content is always in good hands!

5. Industry Specificity

Writing for the tourism industry is not the same as scriptwriting or crafting detailed business plans. Different industries require a unique set of expertise that not everyone has. The style of writing varies, and the content for each must target very different audiences.

 At Writer Army, we cater to a wide variety of industries, but we don’t simply apply a “copy and paste” strategy to all. Our staff bring a wide set of skills and talents, which we utilize to tailor the perfect content marketing strategy for each and every one of our clients.

When dealing with smaller companies or freelance websites, you may end up working with individuals who don’t know anything about your field. If they don’t know anything about your products and if they have no idea who your target audience is, then the usefulness of their services will be extremely limited. Being a good writer isn’t enough to compensate for this.

 Real estate, tourism, cosmetics, technical industries – Writer Army covers it all, and we do it exceptionally well.  

6. Content Marketing Expertise

We use our expertise of numerous sectors to craft the perfect content marketing strategy for your business. It’s not enough to simply write well or to know a little about your products. We use our knowledge of the industry you work in to identify the right messaging to send out, to whom, where, and how frequently. More than writing the occasional blog, we help you identify your target audience and to build a committed following.

 There are very few other services that fill this need. While you might be able to recruit freelance writers, you’re still in charge of coordinating the rest of your strategy. If you land a content strategy coordinator, you still need to find writers to produce quality content. At Writer Army, we provide the best of both services, taking the burden of content creation and inbound marketing so you can focus on what you’re most passionate about.

7. Years of Experience

Expertise really matters with both content and content strategy. At Writer Army, we believe it’s better to be the best in our field rather than trying to be the jock of all trades. We offer a very specific focus in content marketing based on our expertise, rather than trying to provide low-quality services in a broad range of fields.

But here’s the catch. When helping you devise a solid content marketing strategy, if we realize you need a service that we don’t offer, we maintain a broad range of connections with other qualified companies in our sector. We will gladly refer you to businesses that we trust to help you get the job done. You don’t have to worry about trying to find reliable services all on your own!

8. Quality Content

At the end of the day, you want content that brings results. All of our content goes through several stages of edits and revisions to ensure the final product is polished and ready for publishing. You don’t have to worry about embarrassing typos or sentences that don’t make sense. Our project managers and editors take care of all the nitty-gritty aspects of the work. All you have to do is sign off on the finished product. Any suggestions or changes you have in mind will immediately be followed through on by our writing team. Your satisfaction is guaranteed! 

9. Easier

Writer Army makes content marketing easy. We help you create a results-based strategy especially tailored for your business, and we provide the content you need to meet your targets. We manage the process from start to finish, so all you need to worry about is signing off on the final product.

In comparison to our competition, this is a night and day difference. You are required to make a huge commitment of time and energy, taking away resources from other important aspects of your business. In return, you’re not even guaranteed a quality final product. Skip the hassle entirely by working with WriterArmy from the start.

10. Satisfaction Guarantee

 Every order comes with a satisfaction guarantee. If you don’t like the content, you don’t pay for it. Very few companies can stand by that type of claim, and no platforms offer that as well without some kind of dispute or headache. After all the effort of hiring writers, training them, and managing drafts and revisions, if you aren’t satisfied with the final product, then the investment was a huge waste of your time. Every investment is a gamble. At Writer Army, there’s no such risk. We make it easy for you if you aren’t satisfied, but that rarely if ever happens.

11. Amazing Value for the Money

On platforms it’s easy to be charged a lot of money very quickly, especially if you’re hiring writers hourly. Part of the hassle of recruiting writers is simply negotiating their pay. If you’re new to content marketing, you may not know a fair price range for the work. Miscommunication and misunderstandings can make the situation stressful for everyone.

In contrast, Writer Army offers competitive quotes to you upfront so that you know exactly what you’re going to pay. On top of that, our content is as good as it gets in our price range.

12. Proven Results

When deciding to invest in a content marketing strategy, you want a guarantee that your money is being spent wisely. There should always be a long-term return for your investment. By using platforms, you can never be quite certain what your return will be. 

Writer Army has the numbers to back up its success. Numerous case studies show how content alone has boosted our clients’ SEO rankings, authority, and branding. Their name and message are reaching a wide audience and increasing their sales. Few other content marketing companies (and certainly no platforms!) can boast the same success.

Get a Free Content Marketing Strategy Consult

Hopefully by now it’s clear why you might choose Writer Army versus a platform. But even if you’re not 100 percent convinced Writer Army’s services are right for you, you don’t have to commit right away.

 Exclusive to readers of this article – you can schedule a 100% free initial content marketing strategy consultation or get a quote for any of our content services on the phone. This way, you can be completely certain that we are the right fit for you before making a commitment. This is a service you certainly won’t receive from platforms!

Reach out with the form below and we’ll set up a convenient time for you.

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