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How to Write Lead Generating Content for B2B LinkedIn Marketing

LinkedIn isn’t just a job search site anymore. And people don’t use it only for networking, either. Surprised? You shouldn’t be. Nowadays, LinkedIn has matured into a full-fledged business forum. Beyond keeping track of people and finding jobs, LinkedIn has become a haven for sales and marketing professionals. In particular, professionals in the B2B LinkedIn marketing field have flocked to the site. So much so that 10% of LinkedIn members have decision-making abilities for their businesses.

As a result of this evolution, there is a lot of lead generating content on the platform.

Why is this important? For any sales team, leads are the most valuable information that drives sales. That’s because a lead is someone who’s interested in a company’s products and services. Once sales professionals gain a lead, they’ll follow up on those decision-makers multiple times to try and convert those leads into customers.

Generally speaking, B2B LinkedIn marketing efforts generate some 80% of sales leads. That’s too much to ignore.

lead generating content

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Why is LinkedIn great for B2B lead generation?

These days, there’s a lot of B2B LinkedIn marketing. The biggest reason for this is the status of LinkedIn as a business-centered social network. In this capacity, LinkedIn is one of the best places to find decision-makers within a company or industry. Then, there are opportunities to reach out to those key people. For instance, you might send the prospect a message or InMail.

One reason that LinkedIn is such an effective forum for lead generation is that people go there for business purposes. In fact, professionals might reach out for information on the latest product that can solve their pain points. Will your product be the solution to potential customers’ problems?

Lead generating content helps customers discover your products and services. Making them available on LinkedIn meets potential customers where they are – on social media.

Lead generating content best practices for LinkedIn

Naturally, any technique that works well is heavily used by the competition. Selling products in the B2B space can seem difficult, especially in crowded niches and technical fields. However, B2B LinkedIn marketing isn’t as hard if you leverage a sound content strategy. Mastering the art of crafting engaging lead generating content can be the key to attracting high-quality leads and boosting your ROI on the platform.

One of the best ways to maximize your LinkedIn ROI is by using effective lead generating content.

But how? Following these best practices will get you started.

Provide valuable information

The first rule of lead generating content is to provide people with valuable information. For instance, you should always discuss the benefits of your products and services in a way that’s clear and concise. You can also update viewers on the latest industry news or even summarize a case study or whitepaper. Then, invite people to sign up for your newsletter or a sales contact in exchange for even more valuable information. These are the ultimate goals of lead generating content.

Make it memorable

While you ideally want people to sign up for your information right away, that isn’t always realistic. For instance, a decision maker might be looking for solutions but not have the go-ahead to buy one. In this case, you want them to remember your product when, later on, they’re ready to buy. Marketers call this phenomenon “brand awareness” because it means that buyers know your brand, and its products, exist.

Stay professional and to the point

Lead generating content should be concise and professional, just like other business communications. Demonstrate to your readers why they should finish reading your article or blog post, or they’ll go elsewhere. In other words, show the value of your content upfront.

Similarly, write your LinkedIn content like you would anything else for business. That means no swear words or NSFW but also keep any humor business-appropriate. Likewise, any content used for marketing needs to be consistent with your branding and brand voice.

Target the right people

LinkedIn is a great place to find B2B decision-makers at all levels, but that doesn’t mean you should target all of them. Rather, you should tailor your content to appeal to the right industry and career level. For instance, if you’re an educational services company that sells curriculum materials to school districts, you’ll want to target school principals and superintendents. On the other hand, a teacher likely has less influence, even though they’re interested in which books are chosen.

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Finally, writing all of your lead generating content can be time-consuming. If you need to save time or would rather that a professional writer create the content, check out our LinkedIn services. Our social media strategists and an army of writers will create the content you need at scale and on time. Then, you can watch your leads come in and concentrate on selling.

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