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Email Marketing for SaaS Companies: 5 Top Content Writing Tips to Get Conversions

When you’re aiming to get conversions and spread the word about your company, you might be focused on consistent blogging or engaging social media posts. These strategies are crucial to your digital marketing efforts, but you may be missing one crucial opportunity: email marketing. Email marketing for SaaS companies can be highly effective, but only when you do it right. Here are five tips to keep in mind. 

Write Content for the Right Stage of the Journey

Before you begin writing content, you should be familiar with the buyer’s journey and its three stages: the awareness stage, the consideration stage, and the decision stage. Your messaging should be in line with the stage your readers are in when they open your email.

email marketing for SaaS companies

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For instance, let’s say your company provides social media management software. In the awareness stage, your buyers are just becoming conscious of their problem, so you could offer informative messaging to educate your audience and help them learn more about social media management. At this point, your focus should be more on providing information than pitching your company’s services.

In the consideration stage, your audience is looking at potential solutions to their issue. Here, you can start to introduce your product line and explain why your company is best suited to solve the problem. Finally, in the decision stage, you can hit home with all the reasons why a potential customer should choose your solutions over the competition.

Mix Educational and Promotional Emails

Building off of the first point, your emails shouldn’t all be strictly promotional. If every email only serves to pitch your company and its solutions, your messaging can come off as spammy and insistent. Email marketing for SaaS companies should also include educational pieces or insights that your audience may be interested in. 

Let’s go back to our previous example. Your company provides social media management software. So, what kinds of information would your audience be looking for? You may be able to provide information on the best times of day to post on certain platforms, tips for creating engaging social media content, or insights about the latest social media news. 

In these educational emails, you can add a quick call to action at the end encouraging readers to learn more about your solutions. But don’t push a sale in every single email. Doing so could turn readers away.

Conduct A/B Email Testing

Anything worth doing will involve some trial and error. If you find that your emails aren’t being opened as much as you’d like or aren’t warranting the results you’re looking for, it might be time to make a change. One of the best ways to try new approaches is through A/B email testing.

A/B email testing (or “split testing,” as it’s sometimes called) involves sending out two different versions of your messaging. While the core information is the same, you might change your wording, add new graphics, or do something else to change it up. Then, half of your readers receive the A form, and the other half receive the B form. 

This approach to email marketing for SaaS companies allows you to see your results in real-time. If you have two emails with identical bodies but unique headlines, you could see an increase in open rates for one of the two groups. Then, you can easily identify which headline resonated more with readers. You’ll still get important information across to your readers while steadily improving your approach.

Write Head-Turning Subject Lines and Preview Texts

The subject line of an email is perhaps even more important than the content itself. After all, if your subject line isn’t intriguing, why should your reader click to read more? Take care to craft subject lines that are concise and accurate to the contents of the email while still leaving your reader wondering what you have to say. 

On the same note, preview texts are important as well. Your reader, whether they’re checking their email on their phone or their desktop, will see a short sample of your email before clicking. You can put a bit more content than what the headline will allow, but you still don’t want to give everything away. After all, the point of email marketing for SaaS companies is to get readers to read the whole email!

Character limits are crucial to keep in mind in both subject lines and preview texts. Generally, it’s best to keep your subject lines around 40 characters, which will ensure that (on most platforms) your headline won’t be truncated. For your preview text, it’s recommended to keep your message under 90 characters.

Personalize Your Emails

These days, personalization matters more than it ever has before. Over 70% of customers want personalized interactions with companies, and more than 75% of customers get frustrated when they don’t get those experiences. Personalizing your emails can help increase open rates and drive more engagement and improve customer satisfaction.

But personalization goes far beyond putting your customers’ names at the beginning of your emails. You can use subscriber data to ensure your readers are getting the content they care about. Using information like readers’ locations or roles in their company can help segment which emails go to which readers.  

As you’re writing your emails, be sure to personalize the messaging on your end as well. Talk from human to human, using casual and friendly language that’s easy to understand. Employing humor or talking about trending topics is helpful in relating to audiences as well. These approaches may seem small, but they can make a world of difference in reader satisfaction.

Email Marketing for SaaS Companies: WriterArmy Can Help

When you approach email marketing with care, you can experience incredible results. But email writing and email marketing for SaaS companies may be frustrating, especially if you’re new to the concept. That’s where WriterArmy comes in. We have nearly a decade of experience in the content marketing world and are considered among the top content agencies in the country. Our team of writers can help you craft engaging and informative emails that lead to engagement and conversions. Contact us today to learn more or to schedule a discovery call.

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