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Real Estate Content Marketing: 10 Exclusive Tips

Real estate content marketing is just one tool that can help you expand your reach. Real estate is about much more than selling properties. It is a far more meaningful interaction than most salesman/buyer relationships will ever be.

real estate content marketing

In the past, most potential clients found their realtors by word of mouth. In the digital age, with a quick Google search, clients have a wide array of options. How do they decide? Marketing plays a key in helping you stand out. When comparing their options, clients lean towards those who are open and transparent from the get-go. Informative websites, interactive pages, and engaging content – these are all important to grab potential clients’ attention. Here are 10 ways to improve your real estate content marketing efforts.

1.) Build Your Website

You want your brand to pop up at the top of any Google search. And when potential clients open the page, they should be able to find all the details necessary to make an informed decision about you. Be sure your website is sleek, simple, and easy to navigate.

2.) Social Media Presence

Keep your clients up to dateon latest news and trends. As tech-savvy generations are now looking to become homeowners, social media is one of the best ways to reach them via Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Social media content should be succinct, informative, but still be interesting enough to prevent your audience from scrolling on.

3.) Start a Blog

Blogs are a great way to personalize your brand or provide more in-depth knowledge on a particular topic. Real estate blog articles might discuss latest market trends or highlight the public services located in local neighborhoods. Linking a blog to your website is the perfect way to give potential clients additional info on your brand and available properties.

If you don’t have the time or energy to maintain a constant flow of blog entries, our real estate blog writers can provide a steady stream of content.

4.) Include Fact Sheets and Glossaries

First-time buyers will undoubtedly be intimidated by the process. There’s a lot to figure out, and most have never been formally educated on the process. Include in your blogs, social media posts, and on your website helpful, easy-to-understand information that everyone should know.

5.) Utilize Storytelling

Nothing hits home quite like adding a personal touch. Clients want a realtor who knows their facts and figures but working with someone who cares about their well-being is just as important. In both blogs and social media posts, take time to highlight previous success stories or times you overcame a challenge. Demonstrate that you’ve helped many families achieve their dreams, and you will do the same for others.

6.) Give Clients Tips on “How To”

Prove that you are knowledgeable and trustworthy with simple “how to” articles. Give potential clients a glimpse of your experience in the industry. Leave them wanting more – just enough that they reach out to you personally!

7.) Include Visual Content

In real estate, first impressions matter. Invest in professional photography for staging, showcasing, and open house purposes. These images will dramatically improve your blogs and social media presence. For your website, use interactive carousels so clients know what you have to offer. Infographics provide a particularly attractive way to present basic facts and figures and answer common questions.

8.) Make Videos

Client testimonials, property tours, local business highlights – these are all a few highly effective ways to expand your clientele. While they don’t take the place of a website or written content, videos are a great supplementary tool for spreading your outreach.

9.) Events-Based Marketing

Use your online presence to promote in-person events. Advertise upcoming open houses, block parties, meet and greets, Q&As, seminars, and more. Send online invites to contacts and potential clients to bolster participation.

10.) Post Regular Content

An occasional post here or there will not get you very far. Decide what’s reasonable – a blog every two weeks? Social media posts every two days? – and stick to it.

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