what is seo Writing

What is SEO Writing?

As a business owner, chances are that you hear a lot about SEO. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of making a website more visible in search engines like Google. Website owners do this in several ways, such as by adding tags and descriptions to each page, but there are other factors, such as user experience, that also help a webpage rank better on search engine results pages (SERPs).

While technical aspects of SEO are important, proper content creation is critical. In particular, every aspect of SEO content writing helps to maximize the chances that a webpage will show on the first page of Google. With over 200 factors in Google’s ranking algorithm, everything a writer can do to boost a page’s SEO makes a major impact. Explore what is SEO writing and how to master it.

So what is SEO writing, then?

In a nutshell, it’s any writing technique that helps a webpage perform better for SEO. Many of these techniques are simple, while others can be more complex. The most famous aspect of SEO content writing is keyword usage. if you don’t use the right keywords, your content won’t perform well.

Keywords work by describing and sorting web content. In that sense, they are similar to hashtags and old-fashioned file folders. Google and other search engines use those keywords to rank your content, whether you have one keyword or several.

Another aspect of SEO writing is quality content. Since Google introduced an algorithm change in August of 2022, content has been carefully vetted for quality. Not only does this discourage keyword stuffing, but it also means you shouldn’t use AI writing assistants without a human to edit the work. Otherwise, you’ll break the new content quality rules.

Why is SEO content writing so important?

For brands and websites in a competitive niche, it’s easy to see how SEO content writing is critical. Everyone in the industry wants to be at the top of the first page, especially since about 32% of clicks go to the first entry. 

But niche brands may be less aware of why SEO is important because the overall competition is much lower. However, as we’ve seen from local businesses and law firms, even basic SEO writing can have a strong impact on the exposure your business gets, directly affecting your chances of having new prospects. 

Ultimately, good SEO is critical in driving people to your website, improving brand awareness, generating leads, and increasing your authority positioning. While there’s some traffic from referral sources, such as social media and advertising, a large percentage comes from search. In fact, academic publisher Willey found that some 50% of their traffic came from search engines, including Google Scholar. 

what is seo Writing
Source: Willey

Furthermore, proper SEO content writing can save you money. Driving traffic to your website with paid search and other advertising methods is an ongoing expense, and it can add up. On the other hand, SEO-friendly content keeps bringing people to your site without a per-lead cost.

So ensuring a continuous flow of high-quality SEO content writing is key. But what if you don’t have the time or staff for content writing? That’s where WriterArmy comes in. Our dedicated team of SEO strategists is ready to help with all of your SEO content writing needs. We’ll consider or update your content marketing strategy, perform keyword research, and craft high-quality content that captures the attention of your target audience. 

We have the resources you need to have successful SEO content on your website or blog. With a virtual army of writers and award-winning know-how, you can trust us to deliver the right content. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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