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10 Essential Tips to Write Intriguing Headlines

Headlines are arguably the most important part of any blog post or article you write for your website. It doesn’t matter how great your content is if no one’s clicking to read it! A headline should be intriguing and interesting enough for your audience to want to know more. But how can you pull that off in such a short amount of words? Here are a few vital tips to keep in mind while you’re crafting the perfect headline.

1. Make Your Headline Unique

First things first: you want your headlines to be unique. No matter what you’re writing about, chances are that dozens of other companies have already covered the subject. Making sure that your headline stands out from the rest could be the deciding factor to make a user click your article instead of your competitor’s.

2. Create a Sense of Urgency

Not only do you want your potential reader to click on your article, but you want them to do it now. Using words like “today” or “overnight” or phrases like “before it’s too late” or “Don’t miss out!” in your headlines can help to create a sense of urgency. Your readers will feel pulled to get the information right away instead of dwelling on other options.

3. Use Digits for Your Numbers

This tip is especially handy if you’re writing a list. Talking about your “Top Ten Tips” just isn’t as effective or easy to read as your “Top 10 Tips.” Digits are easier to scan than numbers and help your readers’ brains to organize information better, making your headline more appealing overall.


4. Keep It Short and Sweet

When you write an article, chances are that you’re going to want to share it to social media. Keep your character count in mind! Twitter, for instance, will only show a certain number of characters, so you don’t want the bulk of your message to be cut off. Even Google search results can truncate your headline, so get to the point fast.

5. Use Adjectives to Your Advantage

Adjectives are your best friend when it comes to writing a killer headline. Let’s take this post, for instance. We could easily have said, “10 Tips for Writing Headlines.” But by adding descriptors like “essential” and “head-turning,” we’ve suddenly added a uniqueness as well as a memorability that will stick out in readers’ minds.

6. Ask a Question

One of the most frustrating things in life is being asked a question and never getting an answer. Humans naturally want that closure. Using a question as your headline, then, can encourage users to click so they find out the answer. That being said, you’ll want to make sure you actually answer the question in your content!

7. Think About the Tone

Your headline shouldn’t just grab the attention of your audience, but it should also accurately represent the kind of content your readers should expect. If you’re writing about a serious news topic, for instance, you won’t want a joke-filled or witty headline. On the other hand, a fun listicle won’t be represented well by a serious, news-like headline.

8. Appeal to Emotion

One of the top marketing tools for any business is appealing to emotion. When you want someone to click on your post, you’ve got to touch their heartstrings. Think about why you want your audience to read your article in the first place. What problems are you looking to solve for them, and how can you convey that you know how they feel?

9. Integrate Your SEO Keywords

SEO keywords should be integrated all throughout your website in order to attract your target audience. So don’t forget to put those keywords in your headline! Pick the SEO keyword that most accurately represents the post, and aim to put that word or phrase as close to the front of your headline as possible.

10. Don’t Limit Yourself

Finally, give yourself the space to experiment. You might not find the perfect headline on your first try, and that’s okay. Try out several different versions of your headline and see how they each perform before settling on the best one. Then, you can use that same format to make the journey to your next headline that much easier!

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