compound complex sentence examples

10 Compound Complex Sentence Examples and How to Use Them

Good grammar is an essential component of communication, and one vital aspect of excellent grammar is the ability to craft complex sentences that convey numerous ideas in one sentence. Therefore, understanding compound complex sentence examples can enhance writing and communication skills.

A compound complex sentence is a sentence that combines two or more independent clauses and one or more dependent clauses. An independent clause is a complete sentence that can stand independently, while a dependent clause is a sentence fragment that relies on an independent clause. Here are 15 compound complex sentence examples to enhance your writing skills.

compound complex sentence examples
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15 Compound Complex Sentence Examples:

1. Although she was fatigued, she managed to finish the race, but her brother, who was in better shape, fell behind in the last mile.

2. When the train arrived at the station, the crowd rushed to board it, and the conductors struggled to maintain order.

3. Since he was young, he had dreamed of owning a sports car, but now that he had the means, he was hesitant to purchase it.

4. The CEO delivered her speech, which was well-received by the audience, and the public relations team was lauded for their efforts.

5. Although she had no formal training, she created a masterpiece painting that stunned art enthusiasts and critics worldwide.

6. Whenever he felt overwhelmed, he retreated to his office, where he would turn off the lights and take a few deep breaths.

7. The fire alarm rang loudly, and students and teachers scrambled to evacuate the building, but several remained calm and directed others toward the emergency exits.

8. Since the team was falling behind, the coach substituted the starters with the bench players, and they managed to score the winning goal.

9. Although she had taken several breaks, she still missed the deadline, and she could sense that her boss was disappointed in her.

10. When the thunderstorm hit, the electricity went out, the roads flooded, and several trees fell, causing traffic jams and blocking streets.

Tips to Master Compound Complex Sentences:

One key aspect of using compound-complex sentences is understanding how to use commas correctly. Commas are essential in separating clauses and ensuring that readers can follow the syntax of the sentence quickly. The use of commas can also change the meaning of a sentence. For example, consider the sentence:

“I would like to eat, Grandma!”

Now, consider the same sentence with a misplaced comma:

“I would like to eat Grandma!”

The first sentence suggests that the person intends to eat with their grandma, while the second sentence implies cannibalistic undertones. This is why proper comma placement is critical when writing compound complex sentences.

Another aspect of using compound complex sentences is using appropriate conjunctions to connect clauses. Conjunctions such as “and,” “but,” “or,” and “yet” are frequently used to link independent clauses. For example:

“The cat meowed loudly, but the dog continued to sleep.”

“Although it was raining, the boy still went outside to play.”

“Tom couldn’t find his keys, so he had to take the bus.”

The conjunctions used determines the relationship between the clauses. In the first example, the conjunction “but” implies a contrast between the two clauses. In the second example, “although” implies a conflict between the fact that it is raining and the boy’s decision to go outside to play. In the third example, “so” implies a cause-and-effect relationship between the two clauses.

1. Keep it concise. Avoid adding too many clauses to your sentence, as this can make it hard to read and follow.

2. Use punctuation correctly. Ensure that commas and conjunctions are used appropriately to separate independent and dependent clauses.

3. Avoid ambiguity. Make sure the meaning of your sentence is clear and unambiguous to the reader.

4. Vary sentence structure. Mix up the length and complexity of your sentences to add variety to your writing.


Compound complex sentences are an essential component of good grammar and effective communication. They allow writers to express complex ideas by combining multiple clauses into one sentence. Using commas and conjunctions correctly, as well as avoiding ambiguity and keeping sentences concise, can help you master this technique and make your writing more engaging, interesting, and clear.

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