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Content Writing for Startups: 7 Great Reasons to Outsource

Content writing for startups is crucial to your overall marketing strategy, but you may be struggling to find the time to dedicate to creating quality content.

If you’re a startup or other newer business that is in need of content writing, you may want to consider outsourcing your copy needs. It’s an easy, effective method of amassing and publishing content that can free up your time and give you access to a whole range of other benefits. In fact, 84% of B2B marketers outsource their content creation.

content writing for startups

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Let’s dive into seven of the top reasons you should consider outsourcing content writing for startups.

You Can Produce and Publish Content Quickly

Unlike other aspects of your work, content production and publication are extremely efficient processes when you work with outsourced writers. Their entire job is to deliver high-quality articles in a timely manner to ensure even the tightest deadline is met. Remember, some of the topics you may want to share content on can be very time-sensitive, so having a writer at your disposal to draft content on a new development in your industry, unexpected announcements, or any other information can be quite useful.

Additionally, the majority of freelancers are paid on a per-word or a per-project basis rather than with a salary, so it incentivizes them to work as quickly as possible, even if your content needs aren’t time-sensitive.

Your Audience Receives Regular Updates

When you’re working on getting your startup up and running smoothly and establishing it as a credible company in the business world, your time is invaluable. If you try to create and market all of your content yourself on top of managing the work that goes into every other aspect of your business, there’s no way you’ll have any regularity in content updates. There just aren’t enough hours in the day for you to do all of the work that would need to get done—especially if you’re trying to maintain any quality standard as far as content writing for startups.

Creating good content that will rank well takes time, and keeping it up-to-date is vital to a growing brand. However, that’s impossible to do on your own, which is why outsourcing content creation is so key.

You Get Fresh Ideas

Every business has lots of stories it wants to tell. These stories work to get your viewpoint across and demonstrate your values to your audience. But while these stores are certainly beneficial to a point, anyone can get burnt out on the same kinds of content writing for startups repeated over and over again. 

Outsourced writers always bring something fresh to the table–a new perspective, story, or idea that can take your content to the next level. They can come at the project with new enthusiasm and passion that will ensure your content won’t fall into the trap of becoming recycled versions of itself and can instead keep your audience growing and your leads converting.

You Can Centralize All of Your Content Needs

Working with outsourced content writing services gives you the opportunity to centralize all of your content writing for startups in one place. Everything from blogs to white papers, social media content, cold emails, website copy, and much more can be taken care of by the freelancer or writing service you choose to work with. 

That means you don’t have to worry about hunting down new talent and managing several different accounts every time you need a new kind of content created. Plus, you’ll be able to work with individuals who fully understand their medium and can create copy that will succeed in whatever arena they operate in.

You’ll Be Able to Work With Experienced Writers

No one can be an expert at everything, but when you outsource your content writing for startups, you’re able to rely on more than just your own expertise. Even if you’re confident enough in your writing skills and industry knowledge to draft content on a few key topics, you will likely not be able to create expert content on every topic you want to feature. This is where content outsourcing comes in handy.

When you outsource your content needs, you get access to thousands of different writers online who are experts in a wide range of fields. If you want to feature a blog on key software behind current technologies used in your field, you may use one specific writer, while another can help you put together a piece on social structures within your company, marketing strategies, or any number of other business-related topics.

Outsourced writers give you the opportunity to dive deeper into subjects that you may know little about as they’re able to present relevant information accurately in a way that educates and entertains your audience.

You’ll Have More Free Time to Work on Other Projects

Perhaps one of the biggest attractions of outsourced content writing for startups is that it gives you, the business owner, more time to focus on more important aspects of your business. 

Business owners–especially those operating startups–are incredibly busy people. You don’t have time to sit around researching, drafting, and publishing blog content all day. To ensure your business is as successful as it can be, you need to make sure you’re using your time efficiently. It’s very unlikely that the most efficient use of your time will be in creating content when you have strategies to develop, marketing issues to resolve, and a whole host of other problems to tackle.

Yes, producing content yourself may seem like the financially cheaper option, but can that small amount offset the hours and hours of work you’ll be adding to your already full plate?

You’ll Save Money

It may seem counterintuitive that outsourcing your writing needs to content companies or freelancers actually helps save you money, but it’s true. When you outsource your content needs, you free up your own schedule to allow yourself to focus more on other elements of your job that cannot get done without your input – things like strategy development, marketing, and product or service experimentation. 

Outsourcing also works as a cheaper alternative to paying a full-time in-house writer, as outsourced writers are only paid for the content they deliver. They don’t have to be kept on a salary, provided healthcare coverage, or other benefits. Rather, they function in one role and are paid for that alone, which makes them incredibly affordable for start-ups to invest in.

In fact, you can prove the ROI of outsourcing your content easily if you’re not convinced. Your content will typically be charged on a per-project, per-word, or per-hour basis which is easily measured. Then, you simply need to pick a handful of other metrics to compare and see just how hard your outsourced content is working for you. Some metrics you may want to consider include:

  • The number of views each blog receives
  • Any increase in social media following or engagement
  • Increases in sales
  • Increases in business revenue

Outsourcing content writing for startups may be the key to your most successful digital marketing campaign yet. Contact WriterArmy today to see how we can help.

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