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5 Great Ideas for Blockchain Content Writing

Though first conceived, created, and implemented around 2008, it’s only been in the last five years that blockchain, the underlying technology supporting Bitcoin, has made its way into the public consciousness.

It was Bitcoin, the first digital cryptocurrency, which allowed blockchain to rise to prominence. Still, half a decade past Bitcoin’s stratospheric rise, blockchain’s enormous application potential, to say nothing of inherent value, is not widely understood.

This widespread ignorance affords a tremendous opportunity for those interested in blockchain content writing. While technologies come and go, some irrevocably change the social and economic landscape. Their impact is exponential as, over time, they weave their way into both culture and business. Blockchain is one such technology. 

Nonetheless, there is still a veil of mystery surrounding it, primarily enabled by a benign ignorance of what it actually is, much less what it is capable of doing. Yet as the industry continues to grow, so too does the public’s curiosity. This is where the opportunity lies. 

More and more businesses are intent on educating a public that is increasingly keen to learn. Consequently, blockchain content writing has terrific potential for the future and is also the here and now. As a writer, you must, of course, educate yourself as fully as you can, but not all blockchain content writing requires total mastery of the subject. 

Let’s examine the different kinds of content you can produce for this ascendant industry. 

Debunking Myths

As with all new and relatively emerging technologies, and perhaps more so than most, blockchain still has its detractors and struggles against baseless myths. One blockchain content writing idea is to debunk these myths while aiding companies in the dissemination of both facts and accurate information.

Again, this requires that, as a writer, you educate yourself. In order to dispel myths, you must first have a clear understanding of what is true and what is not. Research the myths, determine what common misconceptions the public has, then counter them with the actual facts.

When doing so, recall that your writing must be clear, concise, and relatable. For instance, you might address the fear that blockchain isn’t secure enough for enterprise-level companies or that it doesn’t scale well. You can cite industry experts while offering their insights and rebuttals to the respective myths. 

The key is to simplify the truth and offer it in chunks that can be easily digested by the layperson. 

Promotional Content

As we have established, blockchain content writing requires that you have some foundational knowledge regarding the workings of blockchain and the industry. However, there is certainly room for writers whose knowledge of the field is more rudimentary. One such niche is in creating promotional content. 

As this type of content is the main avenue for attracting new readers who are not particularly well informed, it doesn’t require an expert voice or extensive knowledge of the field. The content can be relatively short, and since it’s promotional in nature, it doesn’t require the complexity of in-depth pieces or deep dives. 

Instead, they can be one-offs that offer insights into how the technology has had an effect on the lives of the common people. Address how blockchain solves people’s problems or how it has helped businesses to thrive. 

Just keep it relatable, and include charts and infographics which allow for easy comprehension. 

Tutorial and How-To Guides

Another great blockchain content writing idea is to offer quick tutorials or how-to guides. 

With the explosion of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and additional cryptocurrencies, the demand for content continues to grow. This demand is not restricted just to businesses that want to promote their products or services but extends to the public as well. As the hunger for information and understanding grows, you can fill the void through tutorials that educate the readers.

You can guide them towards which products or services are credible and in good standing. You can offer them tips, as well as warnings, regarding risky ventures or scammers. Most importantly, you should anticipate and address the readers’ questions. 

Examples of tutorials might be:

  • How to invest in Bitcoin or Cryptocurrency
  • How to master cryptocurrency trading
  • How to mine Bitcoin

There is a vast number of topics on which to educate. Just remember to keep it simple and digestible. 

Relatable Stories

As human beings, we are always drawn to that which is relatable. So, one of the best blockchain content writing ideas is to offer stories that don’t just explain the technology but are relatable to your reader. People process what they understand, and nothing helps people understand more than stories.  

So use your forum to articulate some of the following:

  • How Smart contracts have (or are) changing the way in which we trust people
  • How things are different than they used to be
  • How the digitization of money and the advent of cryptocurrency have affected people’s lives
  • Why governments are so hesitant to sanction Bitcoin and other currencies
  • How readers can leverage this technology to their advantage

Again, be sure to give examples of how these things have already happened and to whom. Keep it relatable! 

The Future

Last, but hardly least, lies the question of the future. 

  • Where is all this going? 
  • What does it all mean? 
  • How will the world continue to evolve due to this “new” technology? 
  • Is it just a passing fad like 8-track tapes?
  • How can I get in on it?

All of us are curious about what the future holds for us personally but also for our societies. 

Offering your readers a glimpse of what is yet to come is always mesmerizing. Tease them with the magical possibilities, and you’ll have them eating out of the palm of your hand! Follow these guidelines for topics and you’ll be earning the bucks in no time!

Blockchain Content Writing from WriterArmy

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