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Writing Service Companies: WriterArmy vs. Peak vs. Best Writing for Business

No matter what industry you’re in, you must rely on solid writing skills to succeed. Some companies like to keep their writing, marketing, and project management systems in-house, and that may work well for a few businesses, but others may struggle to keep up with the demands of SEO and consistent, high-quality content creation. That’s where writing service companies step in.

Writing service companies like WriterArmy, Peak, and Best Writing for Business work to ensure that your company gets the best search engine rankings it can with SEO-driven, high-quality content that generates leads and markets to your ideal audience to ensure you get the maximum amount of conversions.

But while each of these services wants you to succeed, some may be more suited to your business’s exact needs than others. Remember, no writing service is perfect, but there is a writing service that’s perfect for you. That’s why it’s important to do your research into available writing services like the three mentioned here to make sure you’re working with the provider who meets your needs best.

To help you make the best decision, we’ve compiled introductions and a pros and cons comparison for each of these writing service companies, so let’s dive in.


writing service companies

WriterArmy is a content creation company that specializes in scalable, SEO-driven content. We prioritize creating content that performs for you to meet your needs without giving you exaggerated quotes or over-hyped promises.

We keep our business simple and straightforward by providing our clients with high-quality, knowledgable content that has been thoroughly researched and cutting-edge marketing tools and strategies that work overtime to ensure you reach your audience and generate new leads.

Additionally, we’re not just a normal writing service. We partner with some of the world’s leading marketing agencies to push your business to the forefront of your industry, no matter what that industry is. 

Pros of Working with WriterArmy

There are many benefits to working with WriterArmy for your content writing needs. Let’s look at just a few of them here.

Scalable Content

At WriterArmy, we prioritize scalable content creation that can meet the demands of your business, no matter what they are.

If you find yourself struggling to generate top-quality content quickly, we can help you tackle that problem. If you’re overwhelmed with the amount of content you’re currently receiving, we can help you dial back your workload. We prioritize our clients’ needs to ensure you’re getting the assistance your business needs.

We Service Every Industry

There are many different writing service companies online that specialize in specific areas of content creation including legal content, insurance content, and finance-related content, but while there are many service providers with those highly specialized skills, smaller, more niche businesses may struggle to find high-quality, educated content creators in their industries.

But at WriterArmy, we work with writers from many different backgrounds who are knowledgeable in a wide range of subjects across many niche industries, so you’re sure to be matched with a writer who understands your exact needs.

Our Writers are Exclusively from North America

While we serve a global client base, we make sure to source our writers exclusively from North America. This helps us ensure that our clients never have to worry about the grammatical accuracy or logic of our content. 

We understand many second-language English writers are skilled at their craft, but we also know that native speakers and writers are much better equipped to communicate with clear, accurate grammar and spelling thanks to their lifelong immersion in their mother language. 

Additionally, because native English speakers have mastery of their language, they’re better equipped to complete effective research on the internet to draft plagiarism-free articles as they can interpret concepts in their own words much more easily.

Customized Content

Finding content creators online is not hard because the market is incredibly saturated. But finding writers who can deliver highly customized pieces that are relevant to your brand may be another story.

Fortunately, the writing staff at WriterArmy can create brand-minded content that caters to your exact industry. We have writers who are educated in a wide range of topics and who conduct thorough research to ensure that you’re getting highly customized content.

Cons of Working with WriterArmy

While there are many perks to working with WriterArmy, there is a key disadvantage you may want to consider before investing your business with us.

Content Can Be More Expensive than Competitors

WriterArmy only employs top-tier talent, and with that level of service, we want to make sure our writers are earning what they’re worth. So if you want top-quality content from us, you may find that you have to pay a bit more than our competitors may ask, but the quality of service more than makes up for the bigger budget.


writing service companies

Peak is a content creation service that was created by two highly sought-after professional freelancers, Elise Dopson and Michael Keenan. The pair founded their content marketing agency to help B2B, SaaS, e-commerce, and various technology companies increase their lead generation and conversion while raising their online presence.

Pros of Working with Peak

There are a few key advantages businesses may benefit from when working with Peak. 

Access to a Top-Notch Marketing Team

With Peak’s service options, your business will gain access to a top-notch marketing team who will work with you to get your brand in front of the right audiences. That way, you’re not just putting content out into a web of uninterested individuals, but you’re getting high-quality content in front of industry-relevant people who will care about what you’re doing.

Goal-Oriented Content Creation

Content creation may seem very straightforward across the board, and sometimes it is. With some writing service companies, all you need to do to generate high-quality content is tell them your industry and what topics you want to share information about, and then let them go ahead and create your content. But with Peak, their team of writers and marketers work with you to establish specific goals for your project that help you work toward something other than increased articles on your blog.

Consistent Content

Consistency is key in so many things, and content creation is no different. That’s why it’s such an advantage that the writers at Peak are focused on giving you consistent content that maintains a strong brand voice across your site. That way, your audience can feel comfortable with you and understand your brand as an established business in your industry.

Cons of Working with Peak

Peak has many great advantages that will have clients clamoring to work with them, but despite their benefits, they have a few key disadvantages that may make you think twice.

High Minimum Monthly Rate

With a minimum monthly rate of $5,000, Peak is the most expensive of the three writing service companies on this list. Their options are not scalable to the needs of smaller businesses, so some companies may struggle to justify paying this high rate to work with Peak.

Accessing Their Site Is Difficult

Unfortunately, it’s very difficult to learn much about Peak or to solicit their services online because their website is locked down. Individuals cannot access their page to view services, book projects, or even pay monthly fees without first inputting a password. This makes doing any kind of work with them very difficult.

Best Writing for Business

writing service companies

Best Writing for Business is a subscription service that works with a wide range of client types including solo founders, growing startups, agencies, publishers, and established enterprises, to name a few. They use a done-for-you content production service option that is designed to help busy owners and managers scale up their content operations without adding to their workload. 

They provide an all-in-one tool that manages not only your content writing and editing needs, but also your SEO research, designing needs, and marketing requirements for a flat monthly fee at a fraction of what it may cost you to employ a team of individuals to carry out the same tasks. 

Pros of Working with Best Writing for Business

There are several advantages to working with Best Writing for Business. Let’s look at a few of their key benefits, including SEO experts, access to premium stock photos, risk-free refunds, and free writing samples.

SEO Experts

Optimizing your content for search engines is vital. The writing team at Best Writing for Business understands this, so they worked hard to develop a team of SEO experts who can help you get your business ranking highly on Google, Bing, and other search engines to ensure your target audience finds your content quickly.

Premium Stock Photos

While some writing service companies don’t include images with their content, Best Writing for Business rises above to deliver premium stock photos with their content. These photos are all royalty-free and can be used across your content platforms without worrying about legal trouble.

Risk-Free Refunds

One of the key benefits Best Writing for Business offers above its competition is a risk-free trial period for all of its clients. This week-long period allows customers to get a real feel for how Best Writing for Business works and determine whether they want to continue with the partnership without having to make a serious commitment ahead of time.

Free Writing Samples

Another key benefit Best Writing for Business provides is free writing samples from their team. This allows company owners and marketing teams to review candidates and writing styles before they sign on with the content creation service so that they can determine if they will be compatible. 

That way, both the writers and business owners can save time by not needing to draft sample content and by being able to review samples whenever without having to email the company, request a sample, and wait for a response.

Cons of Working with Best Writing for Business

While there are advantages to working with Best Writing for Business, there are also drawbacks that must be evaluated before you move forward.

The Monthly Fee Is High

While Best Writing for Business offers clients a top-tier service, they also charge a top-tier price for their content creation. With an average flat monthly rate of $4,500, they’re one of the more expensive writing service companies on our list. And, while they claim they’re providing clients with a value of over $10,000 each month, it may be difficult for some clients to afford these costs–especially since it recurs monthly.

There is a cheaper option of $1,900 per month, but the value provided is reduced by more than half, and new clients may still be wary of paying this amount for content.

Limited Specialty Content Creation

There are many excellent content creation services provided by Best Writing for Business, but while their writers specialize in many key areas including marketing, design, e-commerce, tech, and SaaS, their other content creation options may be limited. This means that you may end up with content that either doesn’t cater to your business’s niche industry or that is filled with less-than-accurate industry jargon.

Key Takeaways

There are many excellent writing service companies available online today. When you’re looking for the best option for your company, make sure to carefully research your options. Make a list of the key service options you need to maximize your business’s success and choose a company that meets those needs without overwhelming you with its disadvantages or high monthly rates.

For more information about writing service companies and how they can help your business, contact the team at WriterArmy today!

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