Pros and Cons of WriterArmy Vs Writing Studio Vs Growth Machine

Pros and Cons of WriterArmy Versus Writing Studio Versus Growth Machine

Let’s dive into pros and cons of writerarmy vs writing studio vs growth machine. E-commerce continues to grow and with it, the need for quality content for businesses increases as well. According to Hubspot, content marketing consists of a business planning, creating, and sharing content with a target audience in an effort to create brand awareness and increase revenue. Statistics say that 90% of marketers will continue to invest in content marketing and over 60% of marketers determine whether their marketing was successful by measuring their sales. 

Marketing campaigns happen in a variety of channels, depending on what their end goal is. Social media is the biggest marketing channel, accounting for 42% of marketing campaigns, followed by website/blog/SEO. 

Writing Studio optimizes your content through extremely responsive staff.
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But running an effective marketing campaign is only as effective as the content of your campaign. That is why there are writing service companies like WriterArmy, Writing Studio, and Growth Machine that specialize in producing quality content that is SEO-driven. This ensures that your business generates leads and that your target audience is reached. Making the decision on which company to go with can be difficult so we have gathered the pros and cons of each to help you find the agency that best meets your content writing needs. 


WriterArmy specializes in producing quality content written by knowledgeable staff. Not only is working with WriterArmy easy, but you get exceptional customer service the entire time you work with them. Let’s explore the benefits and drawbacks of working with WriterArmy. 


  1. Content Written By Human

All of the content at WriterArmy is written by a human who has experience writing for businesses just like yours. Avoid using artificial intelligence tools that other companies turn to. 

  1. Transparent Pricing

With WriterArmy, all you have to do is complete one purchase and you have access to multiple writing services including SEO Blog articles, white papers, landing page content, email copy, social content, and many more. You can also subscribe for content to be produced for you on a consistent basis. The process to sign up is easy and can all be done online.

  1. Expert Vetting Process

WriterArmy specializes in vetting its writers to make sure that each one is experienced and skilled and has the qualities necessary to write the best content for your business. 

  1. Writers For Every Industry

With WriterArmy, you are working with an agency that specializes in different cont areas, and not necessarily just one area. WriterArmy has service providers for every industry with different backgrounds and knowledge that will produce quality content for your time and time again. 


  1. Higher Price Than Its Competitors

Working with WriterArmy might be pricey when you compare them to their competition. This is because they strive for providing their writers with the compensation they deserve for the high-quality content they create. Even though you are paying more for the content, the quality is superior to that of their competitors. 

Writing Studio

When you work with Writing Studio, you get access to different writing needs, just like with Writer Army. Let’s explore the different benefits of working with Writing Studio. 


  1. Experience Writers and Editors

Writing study vets all of their writers and editors to make sure that they are specialized and have adequate knowledge in the field they are writing about. Not only do they have knowledge in their field but they also have qualifications in the field, making them the perfect writers for you. 

  1. Over 50 Industries

Writing studio specializes in writing content for over 50 industries, including CBD, mental health, healthcare, chiropractic, nutrition, fitness, dental and pets. With experienced writers in those content areas, your content will be thorough and you can be sure it will be optimized to the fullest.

  1. Trusting and Reliable Relationships

Writing Studio strives on establishing a trusting foundation with all of its clients. It starts this relationship by making sure that the founder contacts you directly when you work with Writing Studio. When there are any issues, you can contact the founder directly as well. 


  1. Prices

Writing Studio charges more than other agencies delivering writing to their businesses. While this may be a downside, you are paying for quality work.

  1. Fewer Industry Specialties

Writing Studio specializes in specific industries, but may not specialize in what you are looking for specifically. For this reason, some businesses will have to reach out to another agency for their content writing needs. 

Growth Machine

Growth Machine specializes in search-focused content marketing and provides content that can be written by over 1000 writers. They offer various services including managed content, link building, and SEO audits. Let’s explore the benefits and drawbacks of Growth Machine. 


  1. Rigorous Audits

What makes Growth Machine are the rigorous audits that it strives to provide your business. Every article goes through the audit process to ensure that the right customers find your site. 

  1. Targeted Backlinks

Growth Machine also spends a lot of time building targeted backlinks to your site. This ensures that you can beat your competition at faster rates. 


  1. Larger Company

With a company as large as Growth Machine, it is hard to say what kind of service you will get from them. If you are trying to get personalized service from a smaller company, you might want to try a different agency. Growth Machine has successfully run marketing campaigns for Fortune 500 companies, making them the best for larger businesses. 

Why Choose WriterArmy

WriterArmy can successfully deliver quality content for your business while also providing excellent customer service that is personalized for you and your business. Their customer service representatives strive on being extremely responsive and with them, you know you are getting writers that are experienced in their industry. Not only that but there are writers in a variety of industries so you will likely find a service that meets your business needs with WriterArmy. Contact them today to get started increasing your revenue!

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