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5 Post-COVID Content Marketing Tips

Content marketing can be tough in the best of circumstances, let alone in the midst of a global pandemic. We’ve all had to adapt to COVID. Many businesses have taken a substantial hit, and as they plan ahead, they are looking for ways to increase their customer base to pre-COVID numbers and beyond.

Even with limited resources, there are still significant steps content marketers can take to increase their reach and get their brand message out into the world. These five strategies may give your business the boost you need in the post-COVID era.

1. Build a Community, Not Just Content

This might not come as a surprise. Building strong online communities through content creation and sharing has always been important, but especially during the pandemic, there was a rise of Slack communities across tech and a focus on personalization in marketing. This means that online communities are larger than ever, and there are a new range of platforms where such communities can be found. Content marketing should involve spending time creating communities on places like Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn not just producing content.

By building out your content, you raise brand awareness, which is always a good thing, but additionally, you can foster a sense of community that can increase audience engagement. You want customers to feel a sense of inclusion and loyalty to your brand. Not only will you create a community of loyal customers, but they will be more likely to share your content with their networks.

2. Keep Content Focused on Core Products and Services

It is always tempting to brag about the scope of your services. If you offer many products, why not share them all?

However, having too broad a reach can be damaging to your central message. Expert content marketers suggest homing in on your core offerings. Stay focused on your key buyer personas. Spend your time and energy understanding the nuances of these customer needs, so you can create the perfect message that appeals to them. Now is not the time to start exploring new markets.

The more content you can create centered around your most experienced service and product offerings, the more you will stand out as a clear authority. Your audience/target market will quickly know when you aren’t the expert at something.

3. Continue to Produce High-Quality SEO Content

This will be nothing new for content marketing veterans. SEO has always been a central strategy, although its importance occasionally drifts in and out of focus. After COVID, it is coming sharply into focus again.

If your business is competing with SEO giants, it will take some work to capture niche and long-tail keywords that make your content truly stand out. This means spending significant time researching a solid SEO strategy and exploring keyword research to identify those gaps. Seizing upon these opportunities will allow you to penetrate the market with your content.

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4. Improve Content Experience

If your marketing team creates the perfect content – it captures your message, targets the right audience, and is being posted in all the right places – but the layout around it distracts or discourages readers, you’ve lost them before they’ve gotten a chance to engage with your content.

Not only do you want to create quality content, but you need to ensure a quality user experience. This means a website that is easy to navigate. Few to no pop-up ads. A variety of content. Clean layouts.

A great website is not simply covered in block text. There should be a variety of messages, which might be conveyed through courses, webinars, videos, podcast episodes, and calls-to-action throughout.

5. Repurpose High-Quality Content Across Channels

If it works, then why reinvent the wheel? As many businesses are now struggling to get by with fewer resources, it makes sense that you would repurpose content that works in different places, instead of exerting the time and resources to create a whole new set of content for an audience that hasn’t even seen your old content.

After perfecting your content, you want as many people to see it as possible. Adjust your content for the relevant channel and keep sharing it to a wide variety of audiences.

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