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7 Content Marketing Tips for B2B

 If you’re in the world of B2B (business-to-business), you face unique challenges when it comes to marketing. You’re not just trying to get the attention of the everyday consumer, but you’re trying to get the attention of others in the know. Content marketing for B2B might seem intimidating, but it’s not impossible. Here are a few of our top tips for improving your B2B content marketing.

1. Do Thorough Research

As with any type of marketing, it’s vital that you do your research on your ideal audience. Understand who your target audience is, what their biggest pain points are, and how you can be the one to solve them. One great way to start with this research is by checking out who your competitors are serving.

2. Focus In on SEO

To make the most of your B2B content marketing budget, SEO is key. SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, refers to the use of specific keywords in your content. Potential customers will search for these keywords on Google or another search engine, and hopefully, your business is one of the first results to pop up. Focusing on integrating your most effective keywords into your B2B content writing will help boost your SEO naturally, leading to more leads without spending any extra money.

3. Use Case Studies to Your Advantage

Case studies can be hit-or-miss when marketing to the individual, but for content marketing for B2B, they’re incredibly helpful. Businesses that you’re marketing toward will want to see success stories and learn how you’ve helped companies similar to theirs. Just be sure to keep this content light and approachable, especially if you’re aiming to target small businesses. Otherwise, you run the risk of sounding stuffy and scaring them away.

4. Don’t Forget Retargeting

Of course, you’re going to be targeting brand-new customers to your business. But you don’t want to forget about past users who may have been interested but never ended up purchasing. Creating specific content for retargeting can be a great way to get those users’ attention again. Even if they don’t end up purchasing, it may help to give you an idea of what marketing strategies aren’t working.

5. Consider a Content Marketing Partnership

If you’re really looking to expand your reach and prove your industry authority, consider partnering with another brand or an industry influencer for a content marketing partnership. You can work with another voice in the field to craft an eBook, infographic, or other form of content to be spread to a huge audience that you might currently be missing out on.

6. Create a Content Calendar

Having great B2B content is wonderful, but not if it doesn’t get posted! Be consistent about where and when you post your content. The easiest way to keep track of everything, especially if you’re leveraging lots of different channels, is by creating a content calendar. This tool can also help you make sure you’re not covering the same topics too often and that you have plenty of content created in advance, so you never get behind.

7. Track Your Metrics

Finally, once your content is live, that’s not the end of the story. You need to track its performance to make the most of your B2B content marketing strategy. Consider tracking metrics like the number of shares on social media, total views, total conversions, changes in bounce time, and the like. 

B2B content marketing can seem like a challenge, but you don’t have to do it alone. WriterArmy is proud to employ a passionate team of writers who can assist you with your content strategy. No matter what field you’re in, we’ve got the B2B content writing experts who can help you reach your goals. Contact us today for a free quote for your next piece of content! 

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