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Content for Coaching Websites: 4 Compelling Tips for Success

The number one struggle for most new coaches revolves around one thing: securing clients. Coaching is a service-oriented business, and most coaches became coaches because they feel compelled to serve. It’s part of what fulfills them and is at least as important as turning it into a viable living. 

However, that means securing clients. Early on in most coaching practices, this is an understandable struggle. In fact, it’s expected. New businesses take time. They don’t take root, much less succeed, overnight. 

In the field of coaching, the struggle and frustration are particularly pronounced. The good news is that there are some things every coach can immediately do to increase his or her chances of securing clients!

One of the best ways is to write compelling content for your coaching website. Compelling content creates interest, draws readers, sparks questions, generates shares, and offers value.

That’s a lot of return for producing a single piece of work. Even better, each piece you create has a potential shelf-life of…well…forever. It’s like passive income, working for you continuously, day after day and year after year. 

So let’s jump into some ways to write or improve content for coaching websites! 

Headlines Win!

content for coaching websites

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Ridiculous as it may seem, your headline is as important as your content. This may offend some great writers, but that makes it no less true. Your headline is the first thing a reader sees, and if it doesn’t catch his or her eye, it’s over. Nothing else you’ve written or said will matter. 

Why? Because they’ll blow right by your piece. 

So be sure to invest time in crafting a compelling headline. If you struggle to find good ones, fear not: there are websites dedicated to providing them. 

Here are a few tips to improve headline content for coaching websites:

Start by making sure that your headlines grab your reader’s attention. Be bold. 

Ask a question that demands an answer and provides immediate value. Also, keep the headline short (five to nine words) and to the point.

Be sure to focus on drawing the readers into the piece, as it all starts with that! Then you hit them with the power of your content!

Be Authentic

“Today you are you. This is truer than true. There is no one alive, who is youer than you.” -Dr. Suess

In the vast ocean of marketing and self-promoting fraudulence, authenticity is nearly impossible to mistake. It stands out, and readers relate to it.

Being “yourself” when you write might seem obvious, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy for most writers to do. If you truly want to emulate content for coaching websites that stands out, be authentic. 

Find the writing voice which most reflects you, then write in that tone. Now, if you naturally curse like a drunken sailor on a port call, you might want to modify your delivery. Still, the heart of your content and the way in which you express yourself and your ideas should be relatively consistent. It should always be true to who it is you are.

Be sure to use a conversational style and exhibit an understanding of your readers’ problems. Empathy matters. When someone knows you care, they are far more likely to listen to something you have to say. 

Offer Incredible Value

If empathy matters to potential clients, so too does value. Content for coaching websites should offer tremendous value to your readers. If it doesn’t, they’ll almost never come back. 

Yet what constitutes value? Isn’t it subjective?

Well, while it’s true that value is subjective, there are benchmarks you may use to help guide you. 

Ask yourself if the information you are providing is existent everywhere or commonly understood. If either one of those is true, then you are just repeating after others and offering nothing new or of substance. Value means providing insights or information which helps your reader. It should shed light, offer a fresh perspective, or better yet, solve a problem.

It should be fact-based, perhaps offering statistical or anecdotal evidence, and be so valuable that the reader thinks, “Wow!”

It should be so helpful that your reader would pay for it. Never concern yourself that you are “giving too much away for free.” Establishing yourself as an expert will only serve to draw more interest, not less. 

Be Customer Centric

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As important as it is that your writing style and tone be all about you, it is equally important that your content is NOT. 

While it may be nice to know you love dogs, attend Comic Con, and always root for Brazil in the World Cup, the reality is that your customers aren’t interested in you. What your customers care about are their problems or aspirations. Everything you write about should revolve around them. 

Address their problems. Empathize. Provide solutions. Or address their aspirations—their hope and dreams—and tell them how to get there. Paint a vision and offer a blueprint. 

You can use personal stories or anecdotes here and there, but only for the purpose of making your point. It is not about you. The content for your coaching website should be reader-focused and resonate deeply with them

Develop Killer Coaching Content with WriterArmy

Let’s take a moment and review: ALL new coaches struggle in the beginning. The first year can be very tough and has a steep learning curve. However, one of the quickest ways to separate yourself from the pack is to create compelling content for coaching websites. 

So, remember: create eye-catching headlines, be authentic, offer incredible value, and be customer-centric. Follow these tips, and in no time at all, you’ll develop a larger, more loyal following!

Followings will deliver you clients. Your dreams of service, of doing what it is you are meant to do, will arrive before you know it! However, if you need more than a few tips, we at WriterArmy are happy to offer a helping hand. Contact us to explore how our savvy, experienced writers can accelerate your growth by creating custom content for your needs!

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