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What You Should Know Before Exploring AI Writing Tools

With all the discussion about AI content writing, it’s easy to become overwhelmed and confused. Or, for that matter, to decide whether or not to use AI for content writing at all.

In this article, we’ll go through the basics you should know about before considering AI content generation.

What kinds of AI writing tools are available?

While ChatGPT and Jasper are some of the most popular tools these days, there’re many types of AI writing tools. For instance, some tools will let you Improve SEO by assisting you with the right tools and identifying search intent. On the other hand, many AI writing tools will compose content automatically based on the prompts you provide. 

Naturally, the more tasks that your AI content generation tools perform, the more controversial their role. These days, nobody questions the value of AI-based Analytics tools or even SEO planning applications. Their use has long become the industry standard. On the other hand, AI content generation has a more complex background.  

But before you start wondering about the best AI writing tools in the market, you need to know what kinds of tools are available. 

SEO writing assistants

ai writing tools

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An SEO writing assistant analyzes existing text for its SEO competitiveness.  Similar to a spelling and grammar checker, the writing assistant looks at each line and paragraph of your text to determine how well it should compete with other content. it does this primarily by looking at keyword density, structural SEO, and other features of your text.

Ideally, after analyzing your text, the writing assistant should give you some suggestions for improvement. For instance, it might suggest that you adjust your tone or make some awkward sentences more reader-friendly. Overall, this is an AI content generation tool that helps you improve text.

Grammar and spelling checkers

One of the most common AI writing tools available is a grammar checker.  These tools help you find spelling and grammar mistakes. In that sense, they’re like the old-style word processor editing tools. However, they’re a lot smarter, keep track of new terminology, and give more detailed suggestions.

Of course, the problem with spelling and grammar checkers is that you have to write copy first. They aren’t an AI content generation tool and only help with editing. Furthermore, if you’re crunched for time and out of ideas, then these tools won’t help you much. 

With that said, grammar and spelling checks are valuable for content you’ve written yourself since it’s hard to find all errors manually. Just don’t become completely dependent on them because these tools, like many others, can make mistakes.

Article spinners

Sometimes, you need to change your text from its original form. For instance, changing an AI-written article can help you evade AI detectors or ditch instances of plagiarism. There are also situations where you might want more than one version of the same basic article, such as if you want to rank for local SEO and can’t start from scratch for every location.

When these situations arise, one of the best AI writing tools is an article spinner. A spinner takes your original text and rearranges or paraphrases it so you have a new text. You might still have to add the keywords manually, depending on the tool, but it still saves a lot of time.

By far the biggest drawback of spinners is that you may end up with poorly-written copy. While spinners usually won’t make grammar errors, they will often produce choppy or hard-to-read sentences. 

SEO assistants

There is a myriad of SEO assistants out there, and many of them are good. These are often helpful AI writing tools for any site owner, because they gather and interpret analytics information. From there, the tools help you find opportunities to improve your site or page SEO.

Why are these so effective? Generally speaking, analytics is one of the best uses of AI in content marketing. AI can take a large amount of data, then quickly turn it into reports that make sense. For writing, you get keywords that you should use to create copy.

Of course, all these SEO tools do is run numbers and make recommendations. While every site should use at least one, they don’t do more with AI content generation than lay the groundwork. You’ll need a lot more help to create finished products for your website.

AI content generation tools

These are the most popular AI writing tools if you need a rough draft. Depending on which generator you choose, you can get everything from short social media posts up to longer essays or blogs. With these, the limitations and capabilities vary widely, as does the overall cost. Also, the user experience is highly inconsistent between AI programs.

There are other problems with AI content generation tools. For instance, AI is still incapable of analyzing context and producing anything with original thoughts, which opens you up to plagiarism and shallow content. Also, as a rule, you won’t get the nuances and intricacies that characterize humans with common AI-generated text. Therefore, while these tools can be useful for rough drafts, you still need a human to edit and perfect the content.

WriterArmy’s AI content generation plus human editing is the answer

It’s hard to argue that AI writing tools are useless, especially when they can be helpful in the first stages of the content-creation process. However, they can’t create the best content on their own. Worse, you have to worry about publishing misinformation or having substandard SEO techniques with generated text.

Luckily, at WriterArmy, we know how to make the most of AI. Our new service combines the best of both worlds to save you time and money.

Here’s what our service has to offer:

  • Initial AI content generation with our top-notch, NLP-based neural network.
  • Fact-checking, text improvement, and SEO optimization by an expert human editor.
  • Plagiarism and AI content detection checks. These ensure your finished product won’t be flagged as spam or duplicate content.
  • Scalable content, produced faster than writing from scratch.
  • Cost savings over all-human content.
  • Optimized images, table of contents, tags, meta descriptions, and headings.

Best of all, our service provides you with complete, ready-to-publish content at scale, with little client input. Simply tell us what you want and approve the final results. For a small upcharge, we can even post the content for you.

Easy, right?

Contact us today for a free consultation.

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