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Should You Use AI Writing Tools for Your Business?

These days, one of the hottest topics in the business world is ChatGPT. While most of us are used to small-time AI tools, people worry that this new tool is a step toward a Matrix-like world where machines are in charge and where humans serve them. Naturally, other AI writing tools also receive scrutiny.

There’s no question that certain AI tools can be problematic when misused. For example, schools and colleges are increasingly alert to the use of AI to cheat on exams or create academic papers which should be written by hand. However, in the business world, AI is proving to be very useful — as of 2023, some 37% of businesses use some level of AI.

But it is those AI tools that can compose copy or a blog post that are the most controversial. On the one hand, they can be incredibly helpful, and on the other, there are concerns about SEO penalties for the use of AI. So, should you use AI writing tools for your business?

That depends on how you use these tools. Let’s look at the benefits and disadvantages in depth.

Reasons why AI writing tools can benefit your business

Because so many people talk about the drawbacks of AI content marketing, let’s look at the benefits first. Most of these have to do with overall efficiency or with costs.

ai writing tools

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AI can help reduce errors

One of the biggest reasons why AI writing tools are useful to your business is that they help reduce errors. It is well-known that even the best writers can make mistakes, whether that’s in factual information or writing mechanics. For instance, a lot of people struggle with proper punctuation. AI tools like Grammarly can help find those mistakes and fix them.

You can save money

Traditionally, everything had to be done by hand. Or in the case of writing tasks, skilled personnel must do all the research by hand and then write or type every word. On the other hand, AI writing tools will find information on the web automatically. Then, you can request finished text from the algorithm.

The cost differential between the solutions is significant. If you hire a writer or engage your staff to do everything manually, then the labor costs can be substantial. On the other hand, AI content marketing with human assistance is comparatively much cheaper. This is true even when you consider the price of access to these applications.

AI keeps SEO in mind

No matter how experienced your human writers are at SEO techniques, there’s always room for improvement. In addition, Google consistently changes its algorithm to improve the quality of content appearing on page one. At the same time, you can be sure that your competitors are doing everything possible to keep your content off page one or at least lower on the page than their content.

With AI content marketing, your computer-based assistant knows the current SEO trends. It will add keywords and content which can help your blog post or landing page perform to its best potential. Better yet, this process will largely happen automatically.

Disadvantages of AI writing tools

While there are many reasons that AI content marketing can be beneficial, there are also areas where you should be careful. That’s because, like any technology, these writing tools have their limitations. In addition, you must be careful to avoid some common pitfalls.

You can’t bypass people

While artificial intelligence can perform many complex tasks automatically, it is not fully autonomous. In other words, AI typically cannot think of a problem; it can only provide solutions. This is one reason why a scenario like The Matrix is unlikely.

Because AI lacks autonomy, you still need people to operate the program or to issue a prompt. Additionally, many current AI writing tools require a significant amount of skill to use properly. Because of the autonomy gap, you’ll need to pay people who have the required skills.

The content may sound robotic

While AI can easily whip up some basic content, it cannot replicate human personality, humor, or style. Therefore, most AI-generated content isn’t very engaging by itself. Instead, you’ll need a human editor who can improve the content. You can also use AI for an outline and rewrite the body of your pages.

AI can be wrong

You need to be careful with AI content marketing because sometimes the algorithm will pick up misinformation or outdated material as current and accurate. If the wrong information becomes published, then your company can miss the mark on establishing its status as a subject matter expert. Especially in highly competitive industries, putting out inaccurate information can put you at a significant disadvantage.

Google can be ambiguous about AI-generated content

One reason for this is that when AI writing tools were more primitive, it would be obvious that your writing or information was robotic and of low quality. And although AI content marketing and other web copy are much better than they once were, AI users must still ensure that Google does not flag their material as spam by following a series of best practices.

The verdict

There is little question that some AI writing tools are controversial. While some tools, like spelling and grammar checkers, have gained almost universal acceptance, other tools, like ChatGPT, are sometimes viewed with outright hostility. For this reason, you should not use AI blindly. Instead, you should use these tools with careful consideration of both their power and their limitations.

One way to balance the benefits of AI with its disadvantages is by editing AI-generated content. A skilled human editor can reduce or eliminate the telltale signs of AI use. They can also check certain claims to ensure that you do not publish misinformation. That way you get to benefit from the time-saving power of artificial intelligence. If you want to get into AI content marketing, WriterArmy can help. We have a new service that uses AI to craft your content. Then, we have a human editor look for errors and omissions. At the same time, the editor will work with the text to add a branded human touch and be able to pass AI detection software. Using this approach, any company can safely leverage the amazing power of AI writing tools.

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