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How to Use AI for SEO Content Optimization?

Years ago, the idea of using AI for SEO was nearly unheard of. At best, primitive AI could sort content into categories. That’s the role it initially took, and so AI became the backbone of search engine algorithms. Still, humans had to feed the right information into these tools with SEO content.

Nowadays, AI for SEO is everywhere. You can use this powerful tool at many stages of content planning, creation, and optimization. Some of these uses you’ve heard of, while others may be new. Let’s take a look.

What is SEO content?

Before we dive into the topic of AI for SEO, it’s important to think about SEO itself. The term SEO is an acronym that stands for Search Engine Optimization. In a nutshell, this is the process of creating content and optimizing it so that it’s easy to read for search engine algorithms. For each piece of content, you will choose keywords, select a relevant topic, and map out what needs to be covered.

Each of these SEO content optimization steps will help your content rank at the top of the search results for the target keyword. Ideally, you want to reach the first page because these websites get the most organic topics.

Keep in mind that SEO content isn’t always just website copy. It can encompass almost any kind of content. However, for the purposes of this article, we’ll limit the discussion to written content. That’s because website copy is the biggest example of AI for SEO.

How can AI help with content optimization?

There are several steps of SEO content optimization and creation where AI can be very helpful. Specifically, while human input is necessary at every phase, your AI tools can do the bulk of the work. They’ll also help you choose the right topics and keywords based on the data, not your feelings.

AI for SEO is great at planning

Often, we as humans want to write about certain topics or have a particular view of why someone would want to search for a particular keyword. Although SEO managers are usually skilled at choosing topics, they don’t always understand a search engine user’s intent for the search.

Unfortunately, missing the mark on search intent can drastically reduce the chances that content will reach the top of the search engines. That’s because Google and its competitors have aspects of their search engines that try and determine why someone is running that search. However, search engines have information that the average human SEO manager doesn’t have or that is too complicated to analyze independently.

AI for SEO solves this problem with real-time analysis of the relevant data. Not only can this help by providing the best keywords, but it also can assist with an outline. From there, you can have a human writer build content around the outline. Or, you can use some other AI tools to assist with content creation.

AI looks for opportunities

As humans, we have a habit of looking at something repeatedly and not thinking outside the box. This “tunnel vision” can rob us of many opportunities, especially if it means moving into space before our competition.

On the other hand, AI for SEO looks at data without an agenda. While we still ask specific questions, the program seeks to answer those questions without the inherent bias of human thinking. Therefore, AI can help us innovate and stay one step ahead of the competition for SEO content optimization.

AI can optimize the whole website

Most of us think of SEO content optimization in terms of maximizing performance one page at a time. While page-by-page optimization is necessary, AI for SEO also looks at how content fits into the rest of your website. Then, it helps you create a site that’s as cohesive as possible.

Why does this help with SEO greatness? Simply put, when people spend more time on your website, it increases dwell time. Furthermore, you’ll get more page views and other benefits. Many of these help your content rank higher on the Google algorithm than it would otherwise.

Here’s the best part, though. Not only does whole-website SEO content optimization help you at the search engine level, but the added time people spend on your site will also help boost sales.

Great, huh?

It helps make your writing dynamic

ai for seo

Image Source: Grammarly

Most people don’t think about this, but many of the writing tools we use are AI-based. For instance, spell checkers in word processing programs are the earliest examples. Now, purely AI-based programs like Grammarly help us not only find major mistakes but fine-tune our writing. Although Grammarly and other tools aren’t perfect, they can help us to keep people reading. Just like website-level optimization, this helps boost dwell time.

Plus, it makes us look smart so that people will come back.

AI for SEO can provide a rough draft

Finally, SEO content optimization gets a huge boost from AI if we let the programs write the first draft of our web content. Recent trends, in particular, show that AI can write amazingly good content that’s even human-readable.

With that said, you don’t want to depend on AI to do all the work. That’s because your AI for SEO can make mistakes, such as factual errors, that can make you less credible. Also, if your content looks like it’s AI-generated, you might get penalized by Google.

WriterArmy has the expertise to use AI for SEO

Here at WriterArmy, we understand the power of AI. We also know that getting the right answers out of these programs takes skill and that you must alter any content generated. For this reason, we offer a service that combines both AI and human efforts.

First, we help you create great rough-draft content with AI. In the process, we’ll leverage its power to pick the best keywords and determine search intent. Once we have a draft, our team of human editors will improve your content and add that special spark that only people can provide.

Call us about our AI-based SEO content optimization services today.

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