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7 Powerful and Innovative Content Marketing Strategies

There are a few content marketing strategies which are necessities when it comes to running a business successfully. So with care, we’ve curated 7 of the most powerful content marketing strategies that will hit the nail right on the head :

1.)  Competitor Analysis

This can be accomplished in a few easy steps. First, identify your top 10 competitors. Then look each one of them carefully, on their various platforms.

Take special note of prices, reviews, frequency of posts, buyer’s guides, news, case studies, FAQs, etc.

Then learn things your competitors do right, which you might adopt and things which do not seem as effective, which you can avoid.

What do your ideal customers like about that business, and what they don’t.

Ask yourself: How can I use this to my advantage?

It’s part of what it takes to stay on top.

2.)  Offer Exclusive Content

Like sneak-peeks; this can turn curious potential buyers into long-term customers. For example, letting your readers know you are working on a post prior to publication will give them something to anticipate.

This makes it more likely that they will remember to come back to read more, and you’ll have built a deeper relationship with them.

This later translates into more quality traffic, and increased sales.

3.)  Use Native Ads

Native ads are often found in social media feeds, or as recommended content on a web page. If done correctly, native ads don’t  really look like ads.

And throughout the decades, we (consumers) have learned to hate ads.

Native ads have been found to be much more effective than banner ads. Do not be deceptive with these, as that will obviously not build the trust of clients. Use these to build and add value to potential, meeting them in the customer buying cycle.

4.)  Use your Website, and Search Engines

When it comes to advertising, social media may initially appear to bring in the biggest numbers. And while social media is very useful when it comes to getting your content out, your own personal site is what will earn you the most sales and customer loyalty.

Be sure to give plenty of attention to the followers and subscribers on your own site. Answer emails and messages promptly.

Always, (always), remember to Optimize for the Almighty Search Engines (SEO).

5. )  Make an Editorial Calendar

To clearly track content publication dates, and to ensure that they coincide with holidays and other special occasions appropriately.

You can make one for the week, or the month, depending on the frequency with which you will need to adapt the schedule.

An editorial calendar will also spare you the headaches of continuously brainstorming for new content.

It makes for a handy addition to any content marketing strategy.

6.)  Build more Targeted Landing Pages

This can be accomplished through the expert use of SEO (search engine optimization). Specifically, studies must be conducted to find the most popular search engine words, and combine them with FAQs that top competitors may not have answered yet.

The keywords must then be naturally incorporated into a given article, thereby creating targeted landing pages which are guaranteed to increase traffic to your site.

7. )  Study Your Audience

Generally overlooked. When you really know your audience, you’ll be able to create more engaging content easily, with a voice that customers will resonate with.

To do this right, you must separate your customers into buyer groups. From there, you may identify the needs and desires of each group to meet them respectively.

An example would be sending out emails to raise awareness to new members, rather than the old members – who are doubtlessly already loyal and looking for information that is new.

Use buyer personas to refine your knowledge of your audience – even send out surveys!

A buyer persona is a profile based on the average age, interests, desires, and other relevant information about your audience. This will give you an even better idea of who to gear content towards and why.

By following this guideline, you’ll be able to create an airtight content marketing strategy, to buoy you into the brighter future. If you need more help with your strategies, contact WriterArmy today!

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