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A Quick Guide to Hiring Content Writing Services for Agencies

Content writing has become one of the highest priorities for agencies that want to improve their SEO and conversion rate. 

The choice between hiring an in-house writer, a freelance content writer, or content writing services can be difficult, but hiring a content writing service may be the best option for agencies.

Today we’re giving you a quick guide on how to handle the process of hiring content writing services.

Determine How You Will Pay

Content writing services offer flexible payment options and the amount of content you require can determine the best payment option. 

Pay per word 

This is how most writers choose to be paid. If the amount of content requires lower word counts, such as 600-800 words per piece, this may be the most affordable option.

Pay per hour

Based on the experience level of the writer and the amount of content you require this may be your best option. Experienced content writers take the planning time for the content into account and apply this to the invoice. This payment type is beneficial for agencies that require a large volume of content. 

Flat fee payments

Charging for individual deliverables is also an option. A set price will be negotiated between the agency and the content writing service, which means you will know exactly how much you are paying per piece of content.

Prepare a list of requirements before hiring

Setting clear guidelines, from the beginning, makes hiring content writing for agencies a faster process, and gives everyone a good starting point. 

Setting clear requirements will also help content writing services plan ideas for your agency ahead of time to ensure a consistent posting schedule of high-quality content.

Providing test articles and assignments is a great practice to streamline the hiring process, this will allow you to gauge the quality of the content writing services.

We also recommend creating a spreadsheet of these requirements to track and score capabilities if you have a number of candidates you’re considering.

Content writing for agencies
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Explore multiple options

Hiring content writing services for agencies is not a quick process, and you should consider all applicants before making a decision. 

Reaching out to multiple writers and content vendors should be a priority, this will give you the option to hand out test assignments and weigh the pros and cons of each writer or service.

By having a clear picture of the options available, you’ll ensure making the best possible decision for your agency.

Questions to ask

Asking direct questions during the interview process will help you choose correctly. 

Examples of questions that you should ask are: 

  1. What is your process when working for a marketing agency
  2. What is your experience with similar projects? 

Note: Don’t be afraid to ask for case studies and testimonials. They will be your greatest allies when assessing the quality of a service.

  1. In what ways can we use this content? 

Note: The content you purchase should be considered white-label, and you should be given sole rights to use the content.

Key Takeaways

  1. Ask as many questions as you can when hiring a content writing service for your agency.
  2. Content writing services work on flexible payment scales, and you should consider the volume of content you require before making an offer.
  3. Set clear requirements for writers before offering a position, and use test assignments to narrow down your options. 

WriterArmy Can Help

WriterArmy is a content vendor with over ten years of experience. We’ve worked with marketing agencies from over fifty different industries and are ready to provide as much or as little content as you need. 

All content you purchase from us belongs to you and we ensure the quality and consistency will meet your needs. Contact us to go over the next steps toward boosting your SEO and conversion rate.

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